FO Friday: 10 Stitch Placemat

This project began as a blanket [link], but I recently rediscovered it in my knitting bag, where it had been languishing.

I bound it off yesterday, and decided it could function as a placemat for my morning coffee instead of being the blanket it was originally intended to be. The main reason I bound it off was that this wasn’t the mindless project I was hoping for.

Sure, it was quick having to knit only 10 stitches in each row, but having to stitch together every other row took more concentration than I first thought it would. I did learn how to do mitered corners for this, which was easy-ish once I got the hang of it. It did take more time to make the corners than I thought it would.

This was still a nice, quick project, even if it didn’t turn out the way I initially expected it to.

The Virus TW

Author’s Note: Someone in my life Here wants me to travel several hours during a pandemic, because it’s my birthday Thursday. My refusal has apparently started a shitstorm. This poem is processing.

I feel my lungs
crack, even though
I am not sick

has never been stronger

for the day of my birth
you wish for me
to possibly

never take
another breath

Unrecorded Deity Bingo

[ID: a bingo board with the heading “Unrecorded Deity Devotee Bingo.  The text is black on a white background, with a red border.

Research only brings up recorded gods

What does that symbol mean?

I know this means something, but what?

A list of deities that are close, but not *quite* right

Free space

“My name is [static noise]”

Other people: “No, that’s definitely [recorded god]”

Otherworld history lessons at one simple question

Traits that align with [very popular recorded god]

/end ID]

What. Is. My. Life? (Pop Culture Paganism Edition)

In late May, the Dreamer left, as he does every Summer. As my close friends know, his leaving hit me much harder than it usually does.

Then I had a dream involving a woman named Kira–but it felt more like an astral experience, than a dream. I made a note of it, but brushed it off otherwise.

Then I finished a book in a particular fantasy series.

I was chatting with my friends about the books, when I felt a *heavy* sense of Presence. One of the Ascendants (from the series) promptly sat down on my couch, put his feet up on my table, and waited for me to notice him.

Considering that it was the Black Winged Lord, I noticed him pretty quickly. He radiated power, fierceness, and cold.

“Oh.” I stared at him a moment, dying inside of embarrassment of all the times I’d call him hot. I’d joked about my crush on his character, and now he was sitting in my living room.

To my surprise, after giving him some coffee as an offering, he introduced (re-introduced?) me to Kira, and left.

It’s been A Ride for the past week–I’m waiting on some outside divination to come back, but I did go ahead and start a blog [link] for pop culture pagan stuff.

Nihilumbra (Story Mode Playthrough)

Nihilumbra [Steam link] had been sitting on my wishlist for ages. I recently bought it, and played through it, because I wanted a short platforming game as a break from Grim Dawn.

It was a fun game–it took longer for me to play through than the estimated 3 hours–I completed story mode in about 7 hours. There is Void Mode, but that *really* ups the difficulty, so I probably won’t be playing through that.

Nihilumbra | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo

The art and voice acting is amazing. Despite your character and Void monsters being the only characters in the game, the world never felt empty. The music is beautiful, and the Void-chasing-you music is tense without being stressful.

One thing I would list as a negative about the game was that I ended up using both the mouse and my controller. The need for precise painting with the different colors was much easier with a mouse than the controller, but movement was easier with a controller.

I will say that the ending was much lighter than I expected it to be, given that the achievement for finishing story mode was called “nihilism.” I won’t spoil it, but it was much happier than Hollow Knight (which this game reminded me of.)

I’d recommend this game, and will be looking at the other games by BeautiFun Games.

I Stumble Into Pop Culture Paganism

I ended up starting the pop culture pagan/spirit companionship blog, in part for making it easier reading.

Sorrow, Storms, and Sapphire

I started this blog purely for reading comprehension purposes, to be honest. On my main blog, I talk about a pantheon from a Realm called “Darkness,” and I often call my main deity “the Mother of Darkness.”

As it happens the Black Winged Lord [as I’ve taken to calling him] is *also* from a place called Darkness, through a very different Darkness than mine. He deals with a deity named Mother Dark, and I thought it might get confusing between him, and the differences between Realms and deities.

The Black Winged Lord is a pop culture figure, though I’m unsure how open he wishes me to be about Who He Is In Canon.

I’ll also talk about someone named Kira, she’s a spirit the Black Winged Lord brought along with him, and now she’s starting to become a companion of mine.

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A Separate Blog, or Not?

As my close friends know, I’ve been surprised by a pop culture Ascendant [he dislikes being called a god] as well as a spirit he’s brought along.

I’m wondering, should I make a separate blog for K and the Black Winged Lord, or should I keep it all on here?

Throne of Sorrow

This is for a pop culture “deity” [in quotes because he dislikes being called that, but it’s the best term without explaining an entire huge book series] who’s recently come into my life.

Take the burdens of years,
harden your heart, until
regret swallows you.
Oh Blacked Winged Lord,
now is the quiet time in my Darkness,
even now things are fallow.
On dragon wings you fly,
forgetting not the past, but later
sacrificing all, so that your Dark could return.
One story, I was told, among many; one
road you walk, when your sword took your soul.
Rise with your world’s broken moon,
on a Throne of Sorrow you sit, resisting apathy
which you hope to take your people beyond.

The Lighthouse

Reblogging to signal boost a good friend of mine who needs help.

Starstruck Awenydd

I'll turn this Tower to a Lighthouse (tall and bright) For my heart belongs at sea (shine for me) And to the Deep One in my Ocean (deep below) Lift Your spear, and set me free! (Grant sovereignty!)  And the crashing of the stones becomes the crashing of the waves Lightning strikes the bones and spitting sparks find salty graves Until the bonds are broken I will call Annwfn's Lord For all the grief unspoken All the power unrestored In my Tower there's a red Rose (King undead) In concrete wounds, in thorns and brine (Soul of mine) Piercing, burning, white as lightning (Lord, tonight) Blossom here and make Your shrine! (Lighthouse, shine!)  He found me by the railing: "Come get warm and come inside! The wind and waves are wailing! I've a hearth where you can hide Or let the Ocean take you-- Come and find Me, deep and…

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Quarantine Gaming: Okami (HD remake)

I picked up Okami because I wanted something colorful, rather than the dark color scheme and tones of the Dishonored series. (I’d write a review, but my game crashed at the very last fight of Dishonored 2, to much sadness on my part.)

I finally finished the game after a good 62 hours, and while I loved it for many reasons, I have a few complaints.

This game has some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen in a game–even the combat is pretty. There were times when I’d slow down just to admire the art. I didn’t even mind having to go back to earlier areas, because it was a chance to spend more time in such a beautiful world.

Spoilers from here out, so putting those under a cut

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