A Quick Update, and Other Site Writings

Life in general has been pretty quiet my way. My family did adopt two dogs, who are amazing. I’ve finally gotten some medical stuff taken care of, and thankfully medication has taken my chronic pain down from a 4-6 on a pain scale every day…to maybe a 2 at the most? Which is a huge improvement.

Since I have multiple WordPress sites, and this one has the most followers, I thought I should make a weekly (maybe?) post about what I write on my other sites.

On my blog for my Queen, I have an article about Herself as a Goddess of the Housebound [link]

On my writing blog, I have an album review [link], a queer cosmic horror novella review [link], and some poetry [link].

Have a Link

For some reason my author website won’t show me a reblog button?

So, while I’m getting that fixed, here’s a link to the writing blog [link.] I think I’ll be doing most of my writing posts and not spiritual poetry there? Am still unsure what goes where at the moment, but right now am focusing on getting the site set up.

I Have An Author Website!

Since I’ve started sending things out to be published, I went ahead and spent much of yesterday setting up my author website.

It is HERE [link]!

I’ll probably switch most of my Official Writing to that site’s blog, including my Patreon posts. I will still be writing here, but I’ve been wanting to separate Author Me from Pagan Me for a while now.

7 Years

Today’s my and the Dreamer’s wedding anniversary. I’m staring at my journal, seeing it’s been seven years, and my brain melts a bit at that number.

I made us chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning, along with my usual offering of coffee for him. We have plans for a quiet day together, after lunch we might work on some writing together.

I love you, Beloved. Happy anniversary!

Bones in the Ocean

I recently learned about a Face of my Lady I call “the Embracing Void.” This particular Face also has abyssal sea connections.

Which means this song is punching me in the Feels right now.

Thanks my Lady.

Colors of Home [Part III] [WIP] is LIVE!

The stew that Madhi had for their evening meal was much better than the food they’d gotten at the museum, the few times that they’d dared take human form to sneak into the kitchen and make themself some food.  Even the simple wooden bowl was an improvement over the fragile ceramic the humans seemed to prefer for their food.

“May I sit with you?”

Madhi did not look at who’d spoken, simply gestured to the carved wooden chair across from them….

Read the rest of the story HERE [link] on my Patreon! Backers get this three days before the rest of the world does, as well as access to exclusive writings!

Here is a link to Part One [link].

Here is a link to Part Two [link].

Alternatives to Alcohol Offerings

This topic came up in my friend group chat, and I ended up making a list of my preferred alternatives to alcoholic drinks as offerings.

A standing agreement I have with any entity I deal with is “no alcoholic offerings,” since I don’t drink (and if they don’t like it, out the door they go.)

Alternatives to alcohol for offerings

  • grape, cranberry, or cherry juice
  • apple cider
  • grapes or raisins
  • bread with fruit flavored jelly
  • tea with honey
  • flavored coffee
  • Root Beer (the soda)

Colors of Home [Part II] [WIP] is LIVE!

The village was filled with bright colors.  The ending of the world had only brought out the urge among the jinn to make even more obnoxious fabrics.  Jinn in a mix of forms—humanoid, deer, dog—went about their day.  The scent of lamb and roasted vegetables filled the air; the two of them had arrived in time for the afternoon meal.

“You say times have changed, yet our village is still here.” Mahdi poured themself some water from a pitcher, running their hand over the clay material.

“Some of us live side-by-side with humans—lived, I should say.” Aalam helped himself to a skewer of lamb, gently laying it out on the still warm pita bread before him.

Read the rest of the story HERE [link] on my Patreon! Backers get this three days before the rest of the world does, as well as access to exclusive writings!

Here is a link to Part One [link].

Colors of Home [Part I] [WIP]

The painting that hung in the gallery was the spirit’s first, and last, glimpse of sunlight in over a millennium.  They had hidden among the dust for eons, and now the world was silent.  Even those who cleaned their hiding space had stopped coming by.  Not, the spirit reflected as they slid down from the statue they had taken refuge in, that anyone had known they were there.  The spirit slithered across the floor, leaving new trails behind them.  From the very beginning of time, they had lingered in the shadows, hiding as the fear that nearly all humans had.  There were also, the spirit pondered, those who thought serpents were cute.  There had been many who had turned away from the statue in fear, but there had also been those who had tried to reach for the serpent.  Children with sticky hands who had been snatched away by their parents, as well as those who had ducked under the ropes to try and climb the tree.  For the children, it was not a tree of Life or Death, but a tree of interrupted playtime, and boring museum trips.

But now even those things had been turned to dust.

Read the rest of the story HERE [link] on my Patreon! Backers get this three days before the rest of the world does, as well as access to exclusive writings.