WIP Wednesday, Blanket Progress

I’ve been making steady progress on my blanket!


I’m trying to do at least two rows a day, sometimes more.  I’ve found that this project is great for knitting while watching TV or listening to music.

I sat down last night and wove in the ends.  I’m glad I did that ahead of time, rather than leaving it to the very end.  I’ve also gotten much better at weaving in ends, since I have a set of needles that are meant to be used specifically for that.

I’m not sure how wide I want to make the blanket, but I’m hoping I soon get to the point that I can turn my work, and move to the phase of making it longer instead of wider.

Exploring the Darkness

This is for the Unrecorded Pantheon Roundtable on Tumblr [link].

How did you build your path; how do you serve deities with no established tradition of worship?

I first began to build my path with a lot of flailing and second-guessing everything, to be completely honest. There were things I knew were true, mainly that my main god was from this Realm called Darkness, that I’d still eat any food offerings I made…and that was about all I had, in the beginning.  My first actual contact with Darkness was when I channeled this poem [link], and suddenly the monster imagery that had been following me around for several years made a bit more sense.

Over time, more patterns and things I could take as Signs began to show up (and some spirits give me literal pictures of signs as their Signs, much to my amusement.)

While the Queen of Darkness has no established tradition of worship Here, she does have an established faith Over There. The way I incorporate this into my daily life Here is through morning and evening prayers, and I usually wear a piece of jewelry that’s dedicated to her.  She’s the only deity I worship (the other members of the Royal Family are very explicit about not waning my worship) and a lot of the way I serve her is by caring for my f/Family members, as well as doing creative things (right now that’s mainly writing and knitting.)

WIP Wednesday, Blankets!

I want to keep up with doing knitting related posts on this blog, because they help me see that I *have* made progress on my projects over time.

This blanket is a piece I’ve been working on off and on since June. It’s based on this pattern [Ravelry link], though I’m using Red Heart yarn in aran weight, rather than sock yarn. It’s not the softest yarn I’ve worked with, but I plan on this blanket getting a lot of use, and I can easily wash this if I spill something on it.

The edges aren’t the smoothest things I’ve ever knitted, but I’m really pleased with the color changes, and my ability to carry three strands of yarn up a blanket. I’m still working out how I want to do the stripes, as you can see I’m mostly choosing the colors with no pattern in mind.

My loom blanket, on the other hand, ended up getting frogged. I’d had to restart the project three different times, and even when I’d added a border, the blanket kept curling. I think I also picked too ambitious a first project on a loom, so I think I’ll make a hat or something else small like that, rather than another big project.

My Husband and his Puns

Varian: I should do that tarot reading to see what’s ahead this year.

the Madman: You could say you’ll have…2020 vision.

V: *slowly facepalms*

V: You’re going to make *so many* bad eyesight puns this year, aren’t you?

tM: Dear, would you expect any less from me?

New Year's Goals

Writing this down for myself, and having it down in public might be a way to hold myself accountable.

  • Get a job, and keep it
  • Keep going to therapy
  • Accept that having DID impacts my life
  • Stop buying cheap ebooks and video games
  • Finish my knitting projects before starting new ones
  • Get back into playing guitar regularly, not just when I have a lesson

WIP Wednesday, Back to With Ease

Happy New Year everyone! I spent my New Year’s Eve knitting and hanging out with my family, also watching cooking show reruns (which make great background for knitting.)

I stared this shawl back in August [link] but put it down to get some gift related knitting done in time. Now that the holidays are done, I can get back to working on this.

I’d forgotten just how nice this yarn is to work with. I don’t work with silk blend yarn very often, and it not only feels amazing in my hands, but it makes harder stitches (like s1k2p decreases) easier because of how it glides off the needles.

Right now I have three repeats of this shawl done, and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

2019 Reflections

Well, that was…a year.

That’s my first thought about 2019, to be honest. Looking back at my journal, a lot really did happen:

  • I became a father to two wonderful astral children
  • I got a job (then lost it two months later)
  • There was a shitstorm of a breakup with my platonic Otherworld partner
  • I lost one of my best friends
  • I got accused of faking DID by my ex-therapist, I promptly dumped him, and got my current therapist, who absolutely rocks
  • Trauma memories began to resurface
  • I think at least three new alters did the “HEY WE’RE OVER HERE” dissociative introduction thing that’s so fun /sarcasm
  • I began to formally work with the Queen of Darkness, which has been an immensely healing thing for me

So looking at that list above, a lot of stuff did happen. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel like a lot happened?

I don’t do much in the way of New Year’s resolutions, if I do come up with any I’ll write about them in another post. Now I’m going back to knitting and trying to recover from whatever plague I caught over Christmas.