Blindness, My Salvation [Part II] [WIP] is LIVE!

“The house is alive,” had been the description that Tyler’s friends had used, but surely finding a dead mouse in her room the first night wasn’t what the three of them had meant. A dead mouse—or whatever a living house was—would not deter Tara. It wasn’t that she had lived in worse places, but that nowhere else could you get an entire house for a dollar. The tour she had taken before purchasing the house had made her feel almost…welcome. And the fun she was going to have telling people she lived at Blindermann Mansion—now she had potential for even more blind jokes up her sleeve!

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Knits and purls which
bind us together, the

making something for you
says you mean enough to me

that I will spend hours, listening
to metal, and knitting you gloves.

I pour my love into all the things
I make (including this poem.)

Blindness, My Salvation [Part I] [WIP] is LIVE!

The crowd around the house was a mix of police, those who’d come to gawk at there being yet another death, and ghost hunters who’d heard too many rumors about every old mansion out there….

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Have An Update

I haven’t been writing much on my blogs, mainly because I feel like I have nothing to write about.

In the area of Accepting That I’m Disabled, I’ve found that I *need* to wear headphones with background noise (or music) of some kind, or I pick up literally every word of a conversation in the next room. I’ve begun discussing with my therapist that I may have either ADHD or autism–it turns out that the two conditions are very common in people born extremely premature, like I was…and one symptom of them is the inability to tune things out.

I’ll be honest, I’m both relieved to learn this, because it explains a shit ton (hyperfocusing, my inability to “get” sarcasm, being a picky eater at 28) and *angry* because no one ever told me it was possible I’m neurodivergent.

I’m still unemployed, but I’m sending out stories I’ve finished. I’ve gotten rejected once, but the editor said the story was good, just more horror focused than they were looking for.

I’m pondering starting a Patreon for writing related purposes, and am looking into both self publishing and traditional publishing. I’ve started a writing Twitter account, which tbh has a learning curve like whoa.

So yeah, that’s where I am right now.

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been quiet around here (and my other blogs,) mainly because it’s my Annual Fallow Time. On top of that there’s the pandemic, as well as life stress (my dog passed away this past week.) So I’ve been quiet; doing a lot of reading and fiction writing, and some knitting as time and spoons allow.

I’ve also been making a lot of strides in the whole Accepting That I’m Disabled thing. I recently bought some grab bars for my shower [link], and after installing them–they suction cup on–I’ve found it’s much easier for me to shower. I genuinely did not know how much I feared falling as I got into or out of the shower, until the cause of that fear was eliminated.

FO Friday: 10 Stitch Placemat

This project began as a blanket [link], but I recently rediscovered it in my knitting bag, where it had been languishing.

I bound it off yesterday, and decided it could function as a placemat for my morning coffee instead of being the blanket it was originally intended to be. The main reason I bound it off was that this wasn’t the mindless project I was hoping for.

Sure, it was quick having to knit only 10 stitches in each row, but having to stitch together every other row took more concentration than I first thought it would. I did learn how to do mitered corners for this, which was easy-ish once I got the hang of it. It did take more time to make the corners than I thought it would.

This was still a nice, quick project, even if it didn’t turn out the way I initially expected it to.