WIP Wednesday: Staying Sane Blanket

TW of mention of The Virus, if you’re like me and fucking sick of it being everywhere. Also I curse more than usual in this post.

I had a panic related meltdown the other day, and decided that fuck this, I’m knitting a blanket. I’d already started one [link], but it had Magical Significance, and I (in the middle of my meltdown) told my Spouse that I do not have the energy for more magic. He gave me a hug, suggested I find a different pattern, and make one just for me out of the green/black yarn.

It’s a 10 Stitch Blanket [link] and so far the corners make my brain hurt. I can see that I *have* knitted a full corner, and another half corner, but tbh it’s hard to see I’m making progress until I look at it from a distance and see that I have a rectangle now.

So I started that in order to stay sane, hopefully it’ll help?

Quarantine Writing: Abyss and Blood

One of my alters, S, wanted to join in on writing. Since he tends to write gory horror stories, this one’s going under a cut in case that’s not your thing.

TW for self harm, Ordeal work gone bad, and gore.

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Quarantine Writing: A Talk with Death

London, 1865

“You truly find human companionship to be so…repulsive?”

Erik did not look at the inhuman figure who took a seat beside him on the bench. Not just yet—not that he didn’t see his Beloved in the world around him every day. Being an undertaker had its advantages.

“Marrying her would get your family off your back,” Death began to tick the reasons for the impulsive proposal on his fingers, “you’re friends with Lenore already, and, my darling, you need companionship other than me.”

“There’s the whole situation with my brother,” Erik turned so he was facing his Beloved. “Or did you forget about that? Nicholas ended up paralyzed, Lenore in an asylum, and I…I gave my soul to you.”

“And it is something I cherish.” Death’s yellow eyes gleamed.

“Are you really going to force me into marrying her?”

Force you? Oh, no, but I do see it as advantageous, in more ways than one, some of which I have already listed for you.”

“Must I give my heart to her as well?”

“Your heart is your own, darling, do with it what you wish.”

You could marry me. Erik buried his face in his hands at the memory of his impulsive words to Lenore. I don’t have the best reputation in the city, but we’re friends already, and I have a steady income.

“She said she’d think about it. What if she says yes, how will I explain you, and…this?”

“That is up to you, my darling, to explain or no.”

Quarantine Writing: Iron and Duties

I’m joining Jolene [link] in this project. These won’t be full stories, just small pieces that might get expanded upon later.

The chain around his neck was heavy; old iron was like that, the weight reminding him of the dream, of what was now his Duties.

Human member of the Wild Hunt, Adam thought. Never thought I’d be hunting people. And not just any people, either. The abusers, rapists, the very bottom of humanity. He remembered the horn blaring through the woods, his luck–was it luck?–that the Butcher had been there that day.

In the news, there’d been sightings of wild horses in the city, and a string of killings. The horse’s screams could be heard, a warning–Adam had been researching those cases, and every one who’d been gruesomely killed had been the exact kind of person the Butcher would take down.

Adam wondered if he should go to the city, but his hand went to the chain around his neck again. No. The woods were his home, and where he knew best, and that was where he would stay.

Quarantine Gaming; Glass Masquerade

Due to being stuck at home, I’ve decided to work on clearing out my backlog of games.  One of those was a puzzle game I’ve been working on for a while now, Glass Masquerade [link to Steam].  I finished it today, and got 100% achievements!  I think this is the first game I’ve ever gotten all the achievements on, so I’m happy about that as well.


It’s a fairly straight froward puzzle game, simply match up the pieces to create a stained glass picture.  It’s a nice, relaxing game, with a wonderful soundtrack.  My one complaint is that I’d like a hint system besides the very start of each puzzle, and that I’d like the difficulty to steadily increase, instead of being random.

This was a great puzzle game, and I’ll definitely being playing the sequel.

Fuck, I’m Sick -_-

I woke up with a fever this morning, and my first thought was “oh shit, really???”

I don’t *think* it’s The Virus, because all I have right now is a fever, and I still have my sense of smell.  I’m already feeling a bit better, since I got up, took a shower, and had some Real Food for breakfast.

I’m annoyed as fuck right now, because while I *do* have a headache, headaches are also *super common* with DID.  Like, a few months before I realized I had it, I had headaches almost *non-stop*.

At least I have games, knitting, and books to keep me occupied?

*throws feelings onto paper*

This entire virus thing is…weird as fuck, to be honest.

Like, I have anxiety and depression, which I’m pretty open about on this blog, along with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The anxiety and depression are managed with medication and grounding techniques, DID is lots of therapy, trauma work, and self work.

And yet…I’m calm????????

Like I’m worried, yeah.  I have family who I don’t want to see affected by it, but we’re making jokes about toilet paper shortages, and why is all the yeast gone from the shelves??

I’m worried, but I’m not like…panicking?

I also feel like being disabled and unable to drive is…helping me cope with all this social/physical distancing stuff?

Like, I’ve had to find stuff I can do at home or without a lot of travel by necessity.  My main hobbies are all things I can do at home, so I have stuff to do *looks at his knitting projects* that can help keep me occupied.

I’m getting a lot of writing done, which is helping me.  I’ve learned that setting small goals is way easier for me to do for a writing session, rather than the word could goal for the story.


To end this post on a happy note, have a picture of my dog being cute.