Romancing et cetera

I’m not good at romance. My husband and I are married for tax benefits. He is committed to me and I to him, so it was always just about the convenient social title of husband/wife and the tax break. We were never going to have a wedding. It didn’t appeal to us at all. When […]

Romancing et cetera

My own relationships flow between romantic and platonic. This os a great post that I really relate to.

Unspeakable Things

CW mild sexual content

You are the
unspeakable thing
that I want 

to hold
in my arms.

And who cares
if they whisper
or gossip.

I want you.
Wrapped around me.
Deep inside me.

Holding me close against
the ugliness of human words.

Together we can be
unspeakable things;
and I can be the one

that you ruined
for all mortal touch.

This was originally a Patreon post [link], but the Madman thought it would fit on this blog as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Beloved.

Publication News!

WordPress won’t let me reblog the post for some reason, so you’re all getting links from my writing blog.

My sci-fi/horror short story “It Won’t Be So Bad” is being published in Semptember! Go here [link] for more information about the story, and where to pre-order the anthology it’s in. It’s a disgusting story (I say that with love and pride,) and it goes into some really heavy topics and disturbing imagery. So proceed with caution about reading it. I also wrote a bit on my Patreon about the writing process. That can be found here [link.]

I Got A Job!!

This means my year and a half of unemployment is finally OVER!!

It’s a factory job in my town, but I’m okay with that. We talked about my physical disabilities, and they’re totally able to accommodate me.

On the suggestion of a friend, I bought a mp3 player for music, since the job will let me listen to music while at work. I don’t want to drain my phone’s battery by using Spotify. I also got tired of paying for Spotify Premium ngl. I ordered the player early in the week, it shipped yesterday…and should arrive today.

I am giving several Otherworld people some side-eye at this.

It starts in two weeks, and I am super excited!!!!

Oathing <3

A reblog from my blog focused on my Queen, to say that this happened this morning!

Flowers, Light, and Shadow

Giving my Oath happened this morning, and it was was a really lovely experience. I briefly journeyed in my dreams last night, and it was more a preview of the events today than anything else.

I don’t have any pictures, since I did the daydreaming/astral at my computer rather than at my shrine. (Herself wanted me to write it down as it happened, rather than trying to recall later.) It was a nice, simple ceremony, and I’m very happy with how it went.

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So, Neech died. — Strip Me Back to the Bone (reblog)

Neech died. This isn’t Ode to Neech — that’s coming, really, but I want to get pictures to go along with it, and looking at the pictures right now is that sort of painful that I just can’t bare to share yet. I’m here asking for help in offsetting the cost of the emergency vet […]

So, Neech died. — Strip Me Back to the Bone

Sharing/reblogging to signal boost. Jo is an amazing writer, if anyone is interested in getting a story from her!

One Advantage of Being A Writer…

Google and other algorithms have no idea what my interests are. I get advertisements for everything from beekeeping (“Rotten Hives”), to Middle Eastern food (“Colors of Home”), to funeral homes and buying coffins (“Luminous Bones.”)

It amuses me greatly to see how the advertisements I get change as I write a new story.

She Can Be *Infuriatingly* Pragmatic At Times….

I sensed my Lady’s presence at my side as I walked the dogs around the neighborhood. As we walked together, the subject of my upcoming Oath came up in our conversation.

“You shouldn’t buy [ceremonial item,]” She said to me.

“Huh?” I paused on my walk to give Her a moment of side eye. “We spent all that time picking colors! Do You not want me to take my Oath or…?”

“Oh no, I still want your Oath,” She replied as we resumed our walk around my neighborhood. “I want you to spend the money you had set aside for [the thing] and get some new clothes instead.”

“You’re certain?” I paused to let the dogs decide which way they wanted to go next.

“I am. You’ve had the same summer shirts for, what, four years now?” I felt Her touch on my shoulder. “Child, you can hear the construction a block away, you should go back home before it gets more disorienting.”

“Ugh, You’re right.” I turned my hearing aids down to the lowest volume possible. “Okay, let’s go back.”


That conversation with my Lady happened about two weeks ago. Much to Her amusement, and my side-eyeing, I found an online sale on the exact style of shirts I like later that day. Think $50 shirts for $10 level of sale. I then forgot about it (thanks ADHD brain), only to return to find a coupon for even *more* off…and a cute grey shirt with tiny sharks on it.

My Lady has a sea aspect, and gray is the main color I see Her wearing. I am giving Herself some massive side-eye over that shirt popping up in my suggested items. I did buy it, because it’s adorable. I have a particular outfit I wear when I want to feel especially close to Her in fall and winter, so I should have one for summer as well.

A friend of mine pointed out that this could be my Lady’s way of being affirming in my coming out as agender. I thought about it, asked Her, and She agreed with my friend’s assessment. Yay for Her being supportive!

*blows dust off blog*

Hey everyone,

I’ve been focusing so much on my fiction writing that my public writings have fallen behind. The spiritual side of my life is evolving to be much more quiet and entwined with my daily life. The most I do “actively” is to offer my morning coffee to whoever is around.

There’s a few online pagan groups I’ve joined, and that’s been feeding my need for more community in a way I had no idea I needed. It’s been really good to chat about stuff that I don’t feel comfortable talking about in public.

I’m not quite sure what to do with my pagan blogs, since I keep forgetting they’re even here? Like in the almost year I’ve been doing pop culture pagan stuff, that blog [link] has…maybe five posts?

So yeah, I’m not sure where to go with public pagan writing stuff.

I do want to keep writing here, I think. Just maybe not as often because fiction writing and job hunting (now that non-essential jobs are finally back open) put public pagan writing on the backburner.