A Fairytale Poem for the Dreamer

A friend of mine wrote a poem about their Husband, and it inspired me to write my own fairytale based poem.

This is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, but if the Beast hadn’t changed back into a man at the end of the story.

An impression of waiting darkness
lightning in the sky–and you
have taken me away,
and claimed me
as your King.

A crown of flowers and darkness
rests on my head, and you
have promised me everything–
but you ask me
not to kiss you
until the rose is bare.

I have told you that I am a monster;
in response you laughed,
and said that then you, to, shall be one
that if we are Kings together,
why not monsters as well?

Why must Beauty tame the Beast?
you ask with a smile
sharp and silver
like the blade of your knives.
Why must the monster hide
even from the one he loves?

So together
in winter nights
we wear black cloaks
and dance to the beating
of our Hearts.

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