A year ago today, my life fell apart.

This was not a deity-arranged falling apart–I’ve been through that, and the Dreamer is always gentle with me, even when he’s tearing my life down around my ears.

My Husband saved my life, and got me out of the toxic living situation I was in at the time (which was already toxic, and was being made even worse by the events that caused my life to go downhill even more.)

Hail, the Dreamer, my Husband and salvation.

Pride is on the other side
My focus seems to slip
Won’t you show me

Burning out, I’ve tried to hide
I only lose my grip
Won’t you hold me

Oh Lord
Won’t you take this mortal man
And make him something good

Oh Lord
By your blood and by your hand
You take the old and make it new

–Ashton Nyte, “Salvation”


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