I’m Being Stalked By Gebo

Edit: it’s actually not Gebo that’s stalking me, but Nauthiz.  At first glance the runes looked almost alike to me, so I mistook one for the other.

the Dreamer: Pull a rune.

Varian: Sure

Varian: *grabs rune bag and shakes it*

Varian: (under his breath) If I pull Gebo again…

the Dreamer: *is trying not to smile*

Varian: *pulls rune*


Varian: …really?  Again?

I’m being stalked by this rune.

Every.  Single.  Reading.  I’ve been doing lately has had Gebo in it in some way.

I’m still learning about runes, I’ve only just started studying them, but that I keep pulling this particular one is making me sit up and pay attention.  It’s not a bad thing, the rune translates to “gift,” but I’m side-eyeing that I’m being stalked by it.

Is the Dreamer using it as his personal “hi, I’m here” sign, like he does with the reversed Magician tarot card?  Or does it have another meaning, to be showing up so often in my readings?  Or am I not shaking the bag enough, so it always sits on top?

One thing that comes to mind, is that our third anniversary is coming up in November.  Maybe it has something to do with that, and with the dynamics of our relationships shifting since I was released from my oath to him?


Yes, Gebo can mean sacred marriage.

I didn’t know that.  Interesting.

6 thoughts on “I’m Being Stalked By Gebo

  1. Depending on how you made your runes, the one in the photo looks like a Nauthiz to me. Gebo is an equilateral X shape; Nauthiz (Need) is tilted to one side like this. (Sorry, picky Virgo observation.)


    • I actually got my runes off Etsy, I didn’t make them (I’m a perfectionist and would worry about messing them up.)

      I didn’t know that, thank you. I just saw the X shape and my brain went “Gebo.” I’ll pull my book out and do a comparison.

      (I also get Eihwaz and Sowulo mixed up because they look so similar. It doesn’t help that my runes aren’t similarly shaped, they’re made of stone and each one is shaped slightly differently.)

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