*Varian Facepalms*

Note to self:

Gebo (left) and Nauthiz (right)

These are actually different runes.

(A huge thank you to Beth, who commented that the rune that’s stalking me isn’t Gebo, but is actually Nauthiz.  I saw the X shape and my brain went “that’s Gebo!”  Oops.  *facepalms*)

I might write more about my divination studies on here, I may link back to this post if this rune continues to follow me through my readings.  I just wanted to make a note to myself that these are different runes, even though they look *very* similar at first glance.

One thought on “*Varian Facepalms*

  1. I’ve only used my rune set once, when I was trying to work out whether Freyja was calling me, and Gebo came up. However, after reading your post I began to wonder whether I’d made the same mistake, so the first thing I did after I got out of the shower tonight was grab my rune bag, sift through them until I found Gebo and Naudhiz, and compare them.

    Thankfully the person who crafted my runes did make Naudhiz and Gebo look different enough that I hadn’t confused them, otherwise I’d probably have been doing things wrong since February. I’m on an away job, so I’ve been worrying since Monday as my runes were three counties away. 🙂


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