I’m slowly preparing for my handfasting on Saturday.  It’s going to be a very simple ceremony Over There, basically me, the Dreamer, our Partner, and some members of our f/Families as witnesses.

It’s been a surprisingly intense few days, at least in terms of their presence around me.  There’s been a lot of discussion of what exactly this handfasting means, for all three of us (the Dreamer and my Partner have a similar QP relationship going on, so this handfasting has evolved into being for all three of us.)

I was surprised when I got emotional when they asked me to changed my jewelry for them.  I have a silver key pendant I wore for them together, but they both asked me to change it.  I figured I’d have to buy a new pendant–I’d been thinking about doing that anyway.  But I went to put the necklace into my jewelry box, and I found a pendant they deemed acceptable.

We’ve discussed rings (and they even had me favorite some on Etsy they liked,) but have agreed to not get anything until the 6 month or one year anniversary.

I have pretty much everything prepared, so now there’s this sense of waiting.  It’s not a suspenseful waiting, it’s an anticipation waiting.

2 thoughts on “Preperations

  1. There is something deeply wonderful, I find, in seeing the relationship between Morpheus and Loki, completely separate of my relationships with each of them. May the bond between you and your beloveds bring you as much joy. 🙂

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