Rising Up

So the Madman (the nickname my platonic Partner gave me to call him) asked me to do a reading with him.

It was a “shuffle the cards until one falls out” reading, without any particular question in mind–he just wanted to spend time with me, he said (and do a reading.)  I was surprised when a group of seven cards fell out.

Varian: Should I read all of this?

the Madman: No, use the pendulum to pick one.

Varian: *picks a card and flips it*

the Madman: *sighs in frustration*  Draw a clarification card, please.

The cards are The Lovers and Six of Wands.

These were initially reversed–I think all reversed card readings are becoming his “hey I’m here” signature.  This time I just flipped them over.

the Madman: What does that little sheet of yours say, about the six of wands?

Varian: Victory, and… *scans paper*

the Madman: No, that’s not what I mean by this.

Varian: Rising up?

the Madman: Yes.

the Madman: It’s about rising beyond nicknames–I know you’ve been wanting to go back to the old Titles we [him and the Dreamer] used to go by–habits are hard to break, I know.  But, Varian, that’s not going to do you any good.  Sure, you’d have a “community” of fellow devotees–but remember how much you fought to censor your experience with “[Dreamer’s Title],” because you were so certain your experience wasn’t “right” or “real?”

Varian: Yes.

the Madman: Precisely.  You can’t really achieve true union *indicates the Lovers card* if you’re constantly holding back, thinking that we’re someone other than who we truly are.

One thought on “Rising Up

  1. *nod nod* I have found other people’s opinions and experiences about my deities can occasionally distort how I view Them. Sometimes I learn something new and cool but other times I “learn” something that isn’t actually who They are so I find I need to be careful what I read. When I am confused about who They are, I find it best to centre myself on the love I have for Them and, particularly, the need I have for Them.

    (Also p.s. If you have sent me messages, I haven’t checked tumblr in a few days. I’m on the computer less lately. It might be better to switch to email for a bit.)

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