Back Into Spiritual Stuff

“Do a three card reading,” the Dreamer said.

I was shuffling the deck, when I drew the third card, a fourth card fell out.

“There,” the Dreamer said, “that can be your focus card.  Now you have your reading.”

While I tend to read this particular tarot deck intuitively, since it didn’t come with any sort of guidebook, this time (at the Dreamer’s request) I’m using the guide for a tarot app on my phone.

Overall focus: Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

My interpretation: This card is about balancing my “regular” life with my “spiritual” life.  I’ve been in a time of rest, where things were on pause, so to speak.  That time may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m getting hit with a giant load of Work, it’s simply time for me to start doing things again.

The three cards: Two of Wands, Six of Cups, Page of Cups (reversed)

My interpretation: I’ve been making progress; major decisions have been made this year, many of them personal (both to me, and in my marriage to my Husband.)  In working past my creative block in my writing, I’ve not only brought me and the Dreamer closer (it was, after all, through a story that he dropped the Mask of being [Title]) but I’ve gained valuable insight about myself as well.

It’s funny that writing comes up, because both the Dreamer and the Madman have suggested that I take on a new writing project.  They’ve suggested that I actually write about who I once knew them to be, rather than shutting that part of my journey up, and locking it away like it never happened.

They’ve said it’s fine if I write about it privately–they’re not requiring me to expose things I still feel vulnerable about (and since I was known within the community I was in at the time as being a spouse of [the Dreamer’s Title] I still feel very awkward writing about that.)

They’ve said they don’t consider it shadow work, that this is more about healing than anything else, and acknowledging the past.

*deep breath*

Okay, got it.

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