(A Poem; from the Madman to the Dreamer)

I asked you to leave, you know.
You stayed with me at the Tree.
I’ve often wondered why.

You said it is simply–
that you loved me, and that love
is enough to face even certain death.

There are shadows in your eyes, when you’re there
at the Tree’s base, remembering–but I don’t know
what it’s like for you.  Having to watch your best friend die.

Over and over, I’ve seen you sacrifice, even your very life
for your Family, your friends, your Kingdom–that is enough!
You don’t need any more scars, my Love.  From the past, or your dreams.

You are correct, that you are not darkness
if you need us to be Light, we will be your Light
we will gladly chase your nightmares away.

All the darkness in the world will not change our Love.
Rest a while, if you need to, we will be here,
letting Love’s Light show the way.

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