Bullet Points on 2016

I figured I’d do a bullet point review of the last year.

Spiritual life stuff:

  • My spiritual life completely fell to pieces
    • That was actually the cause of me starting this blog and deleting my old one (everything there just felt too private and raw, though I did repost some old poetry here)
  • Everything got flipped around and rearranged, and I’m now dealing with an entirely different Pantheon than I was at the start of the year
    • The gods I talk about here are immediate Family, there are more than the four I talk about on here (the others are more concerned with the Otherworld, and are more Allies than Family.)
    • There’s a group of monster spirits who are also Family, but I don’t talk about them much, since they’re intensely private People
  • I have a new Beloved, who’s my platonic Partner
    • I literally did not expect that relationship to happen
    • Neither did the Dreamer (my Husband)
    • We had our handfasting in October
    • This relationship is turning into way more of a triad than any of us really expected
  • I’ve started looking into theistic Satanism and a little bit into demonolatry
    • Himself-as-the-Devil started all of this
    • Right now I’m still looking around and exploring, I don’t know if I’ll write about it more on this blog or not
    • The Dreamer says that even if it’s not something I do long term, I at least studied and learned something new, and that’s always a good thing

Mundane stuff:

  • I went back to college
    • I enjoyed all my classes and got really awesome grades
    • I found out that I actually love math???
  • I’ve started coming out as trans
    • It’s a very slow process right now
    • People so far have been accepting, which I’m all !!!! about right now
    • I’m starting to get called “sir,” and it feels amazing when it happens
    • I alternate between “yes this is making me happy” and “holy shit this is SCARY”
  • That fantasy story I’ve talked about writing?
    • I finished it
    • It’s like 25,000 words
    • I am so incredibly proud of myself

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