For My Otherworld Family

My soul is made
of gods and monsters

a meeting of the
divine and (un)holy

we run through Darkness
Mother, Father, and Children

together we are Family,
made of things of nightmares.

(Beasts guard me, I pray,
Lady guide me
)  We are

Family; woven together by
Love, blood, and shared

legends (terror that cuts bone deep
and scars that stay after years)

not all the stories are happy.
But still we are here, together

striving into Light
and seeking Love.

3 thoughts on “For My Otherworld Family

  1. I really like this poem. There’s an implication that there is overlap between you and your Family. Like you’re not just one person, you’re all of Them too and They are you. That’s what I get out of it anyway. And I love that even monsters can strive towards the light.


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