Mystic Goals, And Blogging Updates

My spiritual life is getting more complicated, or maybe it’s that I’m settling into the new normal.  I’m slowly learning and figuring things out, which is wonderful.  It’s nice to not be in the “okay what the fuck is all of this?” stage.  I at least have some familiarity with how things work now.

“Things aren’t getting complicated,” my Mother said to me, “you’re simply meeting more of your Family, and meeting more of us might make it seem more complicated.”

Having 9 deities (Wait, nine?  When did that happen?!?) and two groups of spirits (who are Otherworld-specific and related to my Family of gods) in my life sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.  I’m learning how to balance my spiritual life–I’m closer to some gods than others, and I’ve learned over the past year to accept that.

One of my goals for the year concerning my Otherworld and mystic stuff is to really settle into all the changes over the past year.  It was a lot of overwhelming changes that happened almost all at once–and summer is the busiest season Over There, which is when I got thrown into it.  (The changes had started earlier, but summer was when I got the “your Home is here” bomb dropped on my head.)

I want to spend more time with my Family, especially my Mother.  She’s a deity that’s been in my life for a while now, and her adopting me as her son is something that I’m still wrapping my head around.  She’s a wonderful goddess, and someone who can be a good influence in my life.  I’m still trying to figure out how a healthy Mother/son relationship works (my relationship with my “mother” here is…not very good.)

I want to spend more time learning about the Otherworlds, both through exploring and hearing what my Family has to tell me about them.  This place really does feel like Home, in a way that I can’t articulate.

Another goal is learning how to balance the mystic side of my life with my life here.  Especially since I have an entire Family in the Otherworlds I want to spend more time with.  (I’ve explain that I’m currently a college student with a full-time class load so I might have times when I go quiet for a while.  They understand, and spending time with them doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Sometimes just offering my tea or coffee and saying hi can be enough.)

I’ve been trying to figure out recently, what I am and am not comfortable posting about my spiritual life publicly (both my life here and Over There.)

I’ve decided that along with posts about my Beloveds, I’m most comfortable posting poetry, music, and holiday-related things.  Nothing super detailed about my Family (like who they are and what they rule over,) both for my privacy and theirs.  The same goes for the Otherworlds–I might post poetry and music, but I’m not comfortable drawing out a map (so to speak.)  I might blog more about how being a mystic impacts my life, and learning how to navigate balancing my Otherworld Family and life Over There with my family and life here.

This could change in the future, but right now that’s where things are.  I’m not going to quit blogging; writing about my spiritual life here does help me.  I’m just drawing back a bit while everything comes together and falls into place.


6 thoughts on “Mystic Goals, And Blogging Updates

  1. I have six deities plus my parents that come ’round. And a bunch of other spirits I won’t list here. I look forward to the day where I, like you, find some balance in managing one’s spiritual life and one’s earthly life. I know I’m meant to have a foot in both worlds. It’s just a question of how to stand firmly on the ground.

    I can’t remember *when* specifically we started being friends but it’s been interesting watching you go deeper and deeper into the otherworlds. It makes me feel less alone, to know you’re out there doing your thing too.

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    • It’s a slow work in progress. Part of it has been accepting that I’ll have relationships of varying levels of closeness with different deities, and that I’ll focus more on some than others, and that that can shift as well.

      And same about feeling less alone.

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  2. Nine?! Eeesh. I’m still struggling and I’ve only got four…

    Can’t remember whether I’ve said so before, but I have a lot of respect for the way you’ve handled all the changes thrown at you over the past year or so, and I look forward to reading whatever you feel comfortable sharing.

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  3. I’m glad that I checked my new post (notifications don’t work on my blog–glitched) today and saw your “like”. Being on your blog and reading some of your posts, I’ve felt nothing but good energy from my own Guides.

    Lots of “I can definitely relate!” moments.

    Bizarre ‘what the fuckery’ has been going on with me for far too long, and I have accepted it–I think, last year-ish? Just kind of have to–They’re not going to stop. I wanted to grow and They said, “Ok! Challenge accepted! Buckle Up!”

    My life is just bizarre, but blessed. I also have a lot of Gods that I’m devoted to and some whom are just checking me out, as They often do. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially as I overthink and wonder how do I balance my devotion for Them all???? But They’re patient and know that I’m just a human; I’ve also accepted that I’m closer to some than others, some totally unexpected. The Gods will step forward when necessary. Until then, I honor Them on certain days and festivals. Keeping the relationship going, slowly building.

    And I’m on my own potential Godspouse path, being encouraged to seek others and read their experiences. Again, glad to have decided/guided to check your blog out.

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    • I’m glad you like my writings.

      I’m at the same place of slowly (re)building my practice. There was a period of “what the fuck is all this” but now I’ve mostly adjusted.

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