My Life Can Be Summed Up In Demon Hunter Songs

This is a video heavy post.

The Otherworld side of my life has gotten much, much more intense within the past 48 hours.  My head is still spinning and I’m still processing everything.

So for the (very bitter) amusement of both myself and the Dreamer, have some songs that put into words how I feel right now.

Some of the imagery and lyrics fit the Otherworlds and what’s going on.  The tl;dr version is “everything has imploded” and that’s probably all I’m going to say about any of this.

“I Am A Stone” is one of my songs for the Madman.  But it’s a song I’ve been listening to on repeat because I find it comforting right now.  So on this list it goes.

^ This is all my fears in song form.

I find that once again is relevant, but for a very different reason than it was before.

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