A Poem For Hope

You wear his crown of Darkness
and while it is made of silver flowers
it still holds the weight of the world
and a shattered Heart still mending.

Dear one, let me hold you.  I know
this is more than you ever bargained for
that the broken Heart of a god is something
you never thought you’d be so close to.

It is not up to you to pick up the pieces
his Heart is not a treasure to be searched for
or a prize to be sought after and won.  It is not
going to be stitched back together with gold

and purple flowers are nothing in the face
of nightmares.  It is not your job heal him
no magic words can change the past
(though how I wish they could.)

Hope is something you can still have
it is not found in ruins; but in the Heart
still beating.  On still nights you can hear
all the unspoken words come tumbling down.

Those 4 A.M. confessions that
shook both your worlds to the core.
That slowly creeping distance
finally becoming something real.

Know that Love is not gone, dear one,
it has simply stepped back.  Let me
wait for you by the still waters of Home
with flowers and light spilling from my hands.

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