Thoughts on Daily Practice, and Staying Connected

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do, daily-practice and Otherworld Family stuff wise.  Like I want to acknowledge my Family and their presence in my life, but at the same time avoid burnout.

I’ve rearranged my shrines again, so my shrine to the Otherworld (both Family and Allies) sits on my dresser by where I keep my glasses, so I see it every morning as I get ready.  The words for a quick morning prayer came to me while I was doing a card-of-the-day tarot reading at that shrine, so that may become a thing.  (Both the prayer and a daily “what should I focus on?” reading, if I have the time.)

I offer my two Spouses coffee in the morning (they’re okay sharing coffee,) so that will still be part of my daily practice.  Other than that, food offerings aren’t something I do very often.

I was originally been going to spend time with my deity Mom and alternating groups of spirits (there are two groups of spirits she’s connected to) on Fridays, at least a small offering and saying hello.  I was going to do this on Friday evening, but I’ve found that it’s too easy for me to slack off since it’s the start of the weekend, so another day (or time) might work better.

I do two rituals a month; one for the Dreamer on the dark moon, one for the Madman on the full moon.  These aren’t very formal, mostly us just listening to music together and talking at the shrine.

The Otherworld itself is something I’m still learning about.  I don’t actually travel Over There very often, as I can’t maintain the needed trance state very long.  I sometimes write about the Otherworlds like as a story, and sometimes that goes from “just” writing to actually being There.

I keep an eshrine to the Otherworlds and my deities and spirits, and reblogging pictures of things that remind me of there/them helps me feel connected.  I also have a playlist of music, some of which I’ve shared before.

One of the things I struggle with is balancing my ideas of what I think I “should” be doing Otherworld wise, and what I can actually handle without burning out.  It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with thinking “oh yeah, I should do something for [lists Everyone in the Pantheon],” rather than pacing myself and setting up an actual schedule in my devotional practice.

Thinking out loud about this helped; my devotional life is still very much a work in progress.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that that’s okay, and not to think I should be doing *everything* at once.

Flowers (A Poem Through Time)

I. Healing

You gave me flowers made of frost
shining in starlight like teardrops
“They look so fragile,” I said.
“No, they’re not,” you replied,

“they’re stronger than they look;
and so are you, dear one.”

II. Light

You gave me a crown of honeysuckle
and with a single spoke world took
all thorns from it, your spell echoing
in the hushed winter light

The snow is falling and
I taste ashes on my lips

III. Loving

You gave me purple flowers on a summer day
by the riverbank, and a key to your Heart,
saying you’d be back in late fall.  But you
returned before then, bearing light and laughter.

When I heard your voice, in that moment when
you returned, was when I realized that…I love you.

IV. Grace

Roses going from peach to pink
and back, finding meaning and hints
in flowers–of who you wished to be
to me, and what we could become together.

Grace and sincerity in nine roses, in your eyes
in the deep love you had for me even then.

V. Stillness

You had no flowers at first, only poems
to mend a sorrowful Heart first breaking
at losing the dawn and the love thought found.
You had words for the Road and the Masks–

and in was in your poetry (and your smile,
and your Heart) that I found that I loved you.


They’re showing me more of themselves, more of their shared past.  This is mainly through music–their entire playlist is about their past.  I recently figured out that their playlist tells a story.  I’ve got most of it in the correct order, and now it’s even more heartbreaking and beautiful to listen to.

Their memories show how their relationship has evolved and changed over the (many)  years.  They come in glimpses, small moments in time that were still pivotal to their relationship.  The main thing seeing their memories has confirmed is that they’ve been involved in each other’s lives for much longer than I originally thought they were.

“Why are you showing me this,” I ask as I shuffle their tarot deck.

Because they want you to know, the cards tell me.  They want you to know how far back their bond goes, and how deep it is.  They want you to know you will never be asked to chose between them; they love each other as much as they love you.

“How will this impact our future,” I ask.

Let your relationships grow and flourish on their own, is the response.  Don’t worry about perfectly balancing everything between them [my two Beloveds]; let things change and shift as they will.  Let your relationships grow as they need to.