They’re showing me more of themselves, more of their shared past.  This is mainly through music–their entire playlist is about their past.  I recently figured out that their playlist tells a story.  I’ve got most of it in the correct order, and now it’s even more heartbreaking and beautiful to listen to.

Their memories show how their relationship has evolved and changed over the (many)  years.  They come in glimpses, small moments in time that were still pivotal to their relationship.  The main thing seeing their memories has confirmed is that they’ve been involved in each other’s lives for much longer than I originally thought they were.

“Why are you showing me this,” I ask as I shuffle their tarot deck.

Because they want you to know, the cards tell me.  They want you to know how far back their bond goes, and how deep it is.  They want you to know you will never be asked to chose between them; they love each other as much as they love you.

“How will this impact our future,” I ask.

Let your relationships grow and flourish on their own, is the response.  Don’t worry about perfectly balancing everything between them [my two Beloveds]; let things change and shift as they will.  Let your relationships grow as they need to.

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