Thoughts on Daily Practice, and Staying Connected

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do, daily-practice and Otherworld Family stuff wise.  Like I want to acknowledge my Family and their presence in my life, but at the same time avoid burnout.

I’ve rearranged my shrines again, so my shrine to the Otherworld (both Family and Allies) sits on my dresser by where I keep my glasses, so I see it every morning as I get ready.  The words for a quick morning prayer came to me while I was doing a card-of-the-day tarot reading at that shrine, so that may become a thing.  (Both the prayer and a daily “what should I focus on?” reading, if I have the time.)

I offer my two Spouses coffee in the morning (they’re okay sharing coffee,) so that will still be part of my daily practice.  Other than that, food offerings aren’t something I do very often.

I was originally been going to spend time with my deity Mom and alternating groups of spirits (there are two groups of spirits she’s connected to) on Fridays, at least a small offering and saying hello.  I was going to do this on Friday evening, but I’ve found that it’s too easy for me to slack off since it’s the start of the weekend, so another day (or time) might work better.

I do two rituals a month; one for the Dreamer on the dark moon, one for the Madman on the full moon.  These aren’t very formal, mostly us just listening to music together and talking at the shrine.

The Otherworld itself is something I’m still learning about.  I don’t actually travel Over There very often, as I can’t maintain the needed trance state very long.  I sometimes write about the Otherworlds like as a story, and sometimes that goes from “just” writing to actually being There.

I keep an eshrine to the Otherworlds and my deities and spirits, and reblogging pictures of things that remind me of there/them helps me feel connected.  I also have a playlist of music, some of which I’ve shared before.

One of the things I struggle with is balancing my ideas of what I think I “should” be doing Otherworld wise, and what I can actually handle without burning out.  It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with thinking “oh yeah, I should do something for [lists Everyone in the Pantheon],” rather than pacing myself and setting up an actual schedule in my devotional practice.

Thinking out loud about this helped; my devotional life is still very much a work in progress.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that that’s okay, and not to think I should be doing *everything* at once.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Daily Practice, and Staying Connected

  1. The dreaded ‘but I should do more for them’ guilt, with a side order of ‘because I don’t, I don’t deserve their presence’ nearly legitimately destroyed my entire spiritual practice. Those two brainweasels combined to form the really shitty idea of ‘because I’m so bad at practice, I don’t deserve them, and because this is so plainly an indisputable fact, (not my depression talking) then any contact I get from them must be my imagination. After all, if I were really hearing them, they’d be angry at me for being so awful and never giving them their due.’

    …Guess just *how bloody livid* Loki was at this line of thinking? Hint: very.

    It’s why my practice is as informal as it is- partly because that’s what I can sustain, partly to try and break that particular line of thinking and prove it demonstrably false. I do not want to burn out like that again. I’ve done it twice now, and I worry that a third time will just break my faith entirely.

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  2. *lurks and listens to everyone here.* I’m learning a lot. Burnouts and breakdowns are stuff I’ve struggled with a lot. I like the idea of focused prayer rather than offerings. Daily offerings just don’t work for me. I find them too much.

    re: your two rituals. I’m trying to figure out how often I need to pray vs how often I feel like I “should/ought to” pray.

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