Quiet Times, And Thoughts On Marriage

Right now my spiritual life is very quiet.  It’s a “focus on yourself and your life with your Husbands” kind of quiet.  For some reason, I felt like I should write about this, that there’s nothing Important or earth-shattering going on right now.

My daily practice is still in place, and is still made up of small things–I give my Husbands coffee offerings in the morning, and spend time with them at their shrines before I go to bed at night.  Sometimes I write them letters in the journal I keep, or we do divination together.

I’m slowly learning how to bridge the (metaphysical) distance between my Husbands and I.  I’ve been married to the Dreamer for three years now, when I was first starting out in this marriage-to-a-god business, I thought I’d have everything figured out by now.  I don’t, though.

I’d thought I’d know what being married to a god meant to me, what the Deeper Meaning was (other than having a god for a Husband–yes, Love, I do see you raising an eyebrow at that.)  I thought my relationships would have gone through all their big changes and shake ups, not that we’d encounter some major changes within the past two years–the main major changes being learning that my Husband wasn’t really [the Dreamer’s touchstone name] (which lead to a crash course in Unrecorded Gods 101,) and our triad with the Madman.  (I joke that my life sometimes feels like a fanfic–because “I fell in love with my Husband’s best friend, and now they’re dating as well” is totally a fanfic plot.)

I’ve *adjusted* to the distance between the three of us, but there are times that it can be difficult to remember that I’m “single” to the rest of the world.  It feels strange, sometimes, that I have this entire other Family (in the Otherworlds) that I can’t talk about.

My Husbands are teaching me how to meet them at a halfway point; basically in our dreams and through intense daydreaming.  It’s helped ease the feeling of missing them that sometimes can get intense.  Even though there are times when I wish I could actually be with my Husbands in places that weren’t our dreams, we also have an incredible relationship that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


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