Traveler’s Memories

I wish I could step inside your memories.
To feel the train rumbling beneath my feet, as
the two of you plot wherever you’re off to next, pouring
over maps in the grand adventure that is your life together.
Where are you going now–in this fragment in time?

In this moment you are both young; simply wanderers,
best friends, and lovers that no one can separate.
Is this before death and sorrow tore you apart?
Before the sea became your refuge, before the crown
was a heavy weight you gladly chose to bear?

Your hands trace the map like you
have the entire world at your feet
(you are a Prince, of course you do)
and all of eternity to explore it.
With the person you love most at your side.

Right now you are simply together
two young men in love, with autumn’s
beauty speeding by, with the train lulling
you to sleep, with your head on his chest,
and his heart beating in your dreams.