Burnout Update

It’s been several weeks now, since I basically told everyone that I quit this whole spiritwork/Otherworld life business.  I recognize that I probably could have handled it a little better than I did, especially the whole “I can’t do this anymore” realization.

I haven’t quit my spiritual life entirely, though I’ve taken the shrine to our Family/the Otherworlds down.  I still have my shrine to my Husbands and our marriage(s) up, and I spend some time talking there before bed if I have the energy to do so.

I’ve been journaling a lot more, a mix of writing letters to my Husbands, and keeping track of my life and mental health.  I’ve been using prayer beads more when at the shrine; having something I can touch while talking to my Beloveds helps me stay grounded when talking with them.

So that’s just a brief update about what’s going on.

4 thoughts on “Burnout Update

  1. Dionysos (one of my dads) has basically asked me to stop talking to my main deities so much. To stop telling them everything and to talk to humans instead. I’ve been isolating myself too much. I think I spiraled too deeply into depression to be able to see this for myself. So I’ve been opening up to friends and family more and it’s helping!

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    • This is basically the same thing I’m dealing with, is isolating myself and not opening up to people.

      I’m in the process of finding a new therapist and getting my mental health stuff figured out. While my Family is super supportive, they’re also stepping back and letting me handle this (mostly) on my own (basically they don’t want to become my *only* support, and they don’t want Otherworld stuff to turn into escaping from my life *here*.)

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      • Yeaaaaaaaaah, that’s what the spirits are doing with me too. Making sure I feel at home here on earth rather than the otherworlds.
        Good luck finding a new therapist!
        I know it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted. Maybe we should get back into the swing of that?


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