Otherworld Drama Update

“Your normal meter is broken.”

That’s something the Madman said to me when my response was “yeah, whatever” when we were discussing how Current Drama Shenanigans are escalating.  From the outside things look normal, from the inside things are tense as fuck.

I explained that my flippant response was because I’m scared, and he gets that.  He’s also made it clear that what’s going on is not normal.

My Husband has been doing research of his own, about why [deity] is so desperate to get me back all of a sudden, and how Past Life/Current Life stuff ties all of this together.  The things he’s uncovering are really, really awful.

It’s even worse when I start reading through The Lore about [deity], and some others within the same Pantheon…and it’s backing up that this bullshit is in character.

6 thoughts on “Otherworld Drama Update

    • The Madman is one of the two main deities in my practice (the Dreamer is the other one.)

      I really do feel like I’m caught in a thunderstorm right now; one thing the Madman’s helping me out with is figuring out *how* to get out of this storm as unscathed as our Family possibly can.

      And yes, his research plus mine is revealing this is an even deeper mess than any of us suspected.


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