Finally, Some Answers!

I mentioned this in another post, but the Madman has been doing some research on why [my “father”] is suddenly being so horrible to my Family, and on why the other [members of that Pantheon] (except for one) are being silent about this (or openly hostile when I’ve gone to them for help.)  I also mentioned that the things he’s finding are horrifying, and there’s several layers of deceit and betrayal that we have to untangle (from both the past and present.)

I recently got some divination back, and it backs up what my Husband has been finding (it also backed up the past life reading I’d gotten from a different diviner.)

Actually knowing all this is really happening (it’s mostly happening Over There, but the emotional affect on me Here is very real,) and having a very solid idea of why this is happening…is something I have mixed feelings about.

There’s a bit of relief, because now we have answers.

The rest of my emotions are a mix of anger, sadness, and fear.

We also have the beginning steps of a plan on what to do next, and that feels good.

There’s hope.

We have that, at least.

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