For The Past (I)

I recently got some major Truth Bombs dropped on me regarding past lives.  I’ll be writing poetry to work through my mixed emotions.

He told me in his Kingdom
I would never wear white;
my Love draped me in blue
the colors of the Sky and Sea.

I fell in love; first with him, then
his Kingdom, with a Place where my
life would never be arranged, where
my so-called “destiny” could not touch me.

But now it is back, and again I will flee
(for a thousand lives if need be)
flee once again across the sky and sea,
until my Heart finds Home.


I’m Back

I’ve decided to return to blogging, I’ve missed it.

My spiritual life is in upheaval yet again, but I won’t feel comfortable talking about it openly until the entire mess dies down (if even then.)  I might write some poetry because there’s a lot of mixed emotions, but nothing more explicit than that.