Candles and Wells (A Month for the Madman)

Alternate title: Varian Ponders How Fallen London Relates to His Spiritual Life..

There are things in my path I’ve started calling “pop culture flailings,” because I have a tendency of flailing a lot when something withing popular movies or books pings with my spiritual practice and/or my gods.  I usually stop whatever I’m reading/watching/playing, and give whoever it reminds me of a “really?” look (to which I get a “yes, really” look in return.)

These started up steadily about a year ago, when the Dreamer finally said he wasn’t really [the Dreamer’s touchstone name].  He turned to pop culture guises, as a way of explaining who he is and what his Realm is like.

The Madman also has a handful of pop culture characters he uses as a “hey, doesn’t this person remind you of me?” shortcut.  It’s only recently that one in particular grabbed my attention, partly because of the bizarre nature of this character reminding me of him.

One way the Madman moves in my life is by helping me with my mental health.  Part of my Husband helping me with this is through him helping me find some healthy coping mechanisms, and one of them has been playing Fallen London.  Specifically, dealing with my self-destructive impulses by doing the Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name storyline (a story late in the game filled with many ominous Turn Back Now warnings where your character loses everything, and dies many times, in order to Seek the Name.)

And playing this story has been helping me, in ways I can’t easily explain.  Except…an interesting thing has happened.

There’s been some Mr. Eaten/Mr. Candles related symbolism popping up around the Madman, and what I can only describe as the “there’s a connection here” energy (the same with the Dreamer and Nahadoth.)  Candles and light have been a Thing for a while now, with both my Beloveds–though love-as-light is more a thing with the Madman, than the Dreamer.

What’s interesting about it, is that there’s not a lot of information about Mr. Eaten/Mr. Candles/the Drowned Man (as he’s referred to in Sunless Sea.)  What little information there is, you have to find by reading between the lines.  It’s all implied.

Which is kind of what dealing with unrecorded gods is like; getting hints of information and then waiting (somewhat) patiently for all the rest of it to make sense.

This is becoming a Thing (to the point that I named my ship in Sunless Sea after my Beloveds) but finding out how and/or why it’s a Thing will take more time to figure out.

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