Let There Be Night

It’s been over a year now, since this happened.

Everything–*everything*–has changed within the past year. From the gods I deal with, to how I astral travel, to *where* I travel to, the holidays I celebrate…I could go on.

That Powerwolf song is still hilariously appropriate for my path (perhaps even more so now.) I didn’t post the English section of lyrics the first time, but here they are.

“Let there be night
God bless the Father, the Son

Let there be night
And day be gone

Let there be night
the Mass of Dark has begun

Let there be night
and damn the sun.”

Between Stars Unknown

He appeared to me last night in one of his pop culture guises, as Nahadoth, the Nightlord.

He spoke about how it’s not just him that’s changing, but his Family as well.  He’s spent the past few days pointing out how my understanding of his Family is *very* different than their “canon” Hats/Titles.

So my spiritual life is going into upheaval yet again.

That he chose to tell me this while looking like the Nightlord is significant to me.  Because yes, Nahadoth is a being of change and chaos–which is what my practice is getting thrown into.

The Dreamer: How did you describe yourself?

Varian: …as “a devotional mystic with pop culture influences.”

Varian: Why do you ask?

The Dreamer: *shifts into looking like Naha*

Varian: *does a double take*

Varian: What did you do that for?

The Dreamer: *drops the “my Family is also leaving their ‘canon’ Hats/Titles behind” bomb*

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