The Names of the Gods Aren’t Their Real Names

As someone who’s had several of his gods take their names away, leaving me with only titles and nicknames for them, this post resonates with me on a very deep level.

It was a very, very world-shattering event, when the Dreamer took away the name I initially knew him by. I don’t think I can properly convey *just* how much it shook me up, to suddenly know that the Person I loved and had married wasn’t actually [the Dreamer’s touchstone name] even though there had been hints all along.

My journey with my Beloved over the past year has been learning about him all over again–and I find that my trust, faith, and Love for him has deepened considerably.

Foxglove & Firmitas

There is a phenomena that happens in the mystic sector of our communities that regularly drives a knife into the heart of the mystic – That of suddenly realizing that the Gods you are so close to are not who you expected them to be, which is the very foundation of mysticism. At first it is rending. Then it is uncomfortable. You begin the journey, diving into what we define as syncretism, and you’re met with mixed emotions. You mourn the loss of equilibrium. You fear uncertainty. You mourn what you’ve lost. You doubt your path or your sanity, sometimes both. Sometimes there’s the loss of community or co-religionist friends. It hurts. It’s excruciating.

Meanwhile there’s tickling excitement as you find spots where you discover the familiar in new faces and learn new things. You gain new tools for approaching your beloved Gods. You expand your community of like-minded, same-hearted…

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One thought on “The Names of the Gods Aren’t Their Real Names

  1. I’ve been trying to understand synchretism and soul structure so that I can understand exactly who it -is- that I love… Once presented as a being, T, who still exists but is separate and connected to S… And then there’s me and different levels of me… It’s almost like the being I love is a multi-limbed being and each limb has a name and a slightly different energy and groundedness in various levels of astral existence… like how I am goddess N, but she is also separate from me and she is also part of and separate from a larger entity… Or many larger entities…


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