It’s Over

I’m in shock.

All that Otherworld Drama that’s made me and my Family’s lives absolute hell over the past few months…it’s over.

My Beloveds and I are very, very shaken up, but…we’re safe now.

There’s going to be fallout from this, but we’re going to be okay.

It’s done.

4 thoughts on “It’s Over

    • Right now I need to process that it really *is* over. I’m stunned.

      A ton of intense things happened super fast within like 72 hours, and now my Beloveds and I are just going to like, collapse in relief.

      Like I did *not* realized just *how much* this whole drama bullshit cycle was stressing me out until I got divination back that confirmed that yes, this is all finally *over*. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


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