To Lose The Storm (A Dream)

The sky is black with grief and unshed tears.

His emotions press down as he struggles to climb through the desert sands, as all his happy memories are covered by the Desert he once called home.  He lifts his face to the darkened sky.

All his worst fears are real, in this nightmare he is caught in.

Finally, he is at the top of the hill, but all he sees is sand for miles, sand and a sky black with thunder clouds.

He walks further, unbraiding his hair as he does so.  The waist length strands unravel, and he undoes them even further, slowly pulling out the red ribbons his Father had given him so long ago.

When he reaches his destination, he kneels for a moment, simply breathing.

Red ribbons now lie at the Tree’s base; to be buried or burned, either way is an ending, both say there is no way back from here, no way beyond this estrangement.

He has lost the storm he once called “Father” and now all he can do is grieve.

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