Devotional Acrostic Challenge!

This sounds like a fun challenge, and I’ll definitely be participating in it.

Queen of the Waiting Ones

In order to keep my mind pliable and ready to receive inspiration at a moments notice, I will sometimes devise writing prompts for myself.  Some of my favorite prompts have been in the form of acrostic poetry, which I have occasionally shared here.  I am about to embark on another twelve week set of acrostic prompts, but I though perhaps some of you might like to join in the fun.

I present to you, the Devotional Acrostic Challenge!  There are only three rules:

1.)  You must utilize the theme of the weekly prompts in some way.  Each prompt consists of at least two options.

2.)  All poems submitted must be in acrostic form.

3.)  All poems must be new material of a devotional nature.  No previously written acrostics, please.  I trust you all to abide by the honor system, as I do not have the time to check.

I will…

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