Back To Fallow Times I Go…

I did some divination to clarify that dream I wrote about in my last post, and I did remember it correctly.  The Dreamer has left, and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back; what’s going on in the Otherworlds has his full attention, and the Madman’s as well.  They’ve got People watching over me, but They’re staying in the background.

My Beloveds do want me to continue to build a relationship with J.  Both of them have said before that they don’t want me to be alone, and we had talked about mortal partners even before J got involved in my life.  (They consider J to be my mortal partner even though he lives in the Otherworlds.)

I’ve also been Ordered to focus on my mundane life and my schoolwork, so it’s back to fallow times for me.  I might write some poetry or music posts, but if my blog goes quiet for a while, it’s because I’m in the middle of tests and papers.

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