From Fire Darkness is Born (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for this week is Healing, Purifying, Kathartic Gods or Spirits

For the King of All Darkness

Fire burns bright in this world you have fallen into, on the
Run from those who threaten you with death.  This place is
Ominous, filled with monsters and ruin; yet Death is kind to you.
Many try and fail to enter this place; the Gallows Goddess is wary and
Far off Gods have the true final say here.  Yet you, fleeing Sovereign, are
Invited to stay.  Maybe even at the beginning They knew you would one day
Rule all of Darkness with grace and love, that many years later the
Enmity in your Heart for those who hate you would be gone.
Darkness is your Throne, and it took many years to build this place, the
Architecture of all your dreams made manifest; a place of life where justice
Reigns.  Even you are held to the standards of your Court and of the Far Ones;
Kings are servants, you tell me, Kings serve their People before all else.  You have
Never spoken of your Crown as power or prestige, but nor do you call it a burden.
Eternity is long, and you have held your Crown through silence, storms and
Shattering.  You have purified your Realm from hatred and evil, brought peace,
Salvation, and Love.  But you are never stagnant, you are always moving forward
In search of better ways to Rule, in how to help your People who love you.  Gentle
Sovereign with a will of Iron and a Heart that never gives in to hatred, teach me to
Become a better King, a better man, that I may approach you with joy, and see
Only pride reflected in your eyes.  May you know the Love of your People; may you
Reign long, Triumphant King who overcomes all adversaries.  May your wisdom
Never fail you, and may the Far Ones in the Distance bless you always.

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