Moments of Normal

I know it’s pure coincidence, that we began this romance just as my Otherworld life was exploding yet again.  I find myself longing for you, even as the rest of my mind is screaming in panic at threats of being broken and my name being ruined.

You comfort me when I feel like my world is spinning out of control, hold me close through the nights when my anxious mind is doing a better job at breaking me than any power-hungry god ever could.  You sit with me when I reach out at my shrine and get an answering machine, and remind me that my Husbands are busy men who are (on top of their other Jobs) doing their best to control the raging storm that is the ridiculous Drama for my Heart.

You come to me in a dream, drawing me out of my anxious worrying.  You take my hand and pull me into your world, showing me this Realm at a level that has nothing to do with the Royalty, showing me the city lights, letting me hear the laughter and talk of everyday people.  I had been here before, but with the King, with you it’s…different.  When I’m with you, I blend in, and I find that I enjoy it.

I need that, these moments of “normal” life; of meeting your close friends, hearing them laugh and saying it’s about time we started dating.  I need these quiet moments of taking your hand by carnival lights.

Here I am not a King who’s Heart is being torn apart by arguing gods, I am simply someone falling in love with his childhood friend.  Our past may be fraught with twists and turns, but the Love that I am just beginning to feel for you is not.

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