In the Rain, Find Home

In this grey Autumn morning you slip
nearer to me, falling into step at my side.
The ache in my Heart at your absence eases,
Home is where my Heart is, and that lies in
every moment you are with me.  I sense you in the
rain and in the swirling Autumn leaves.  Your season is
Autumn, and this is where I feel you nearest, Beloved, in the
indescribable changes and liminal times; between death and life,
night and day, you are everything between extremes, and I love you
for your steadfastness and devotion.  Even when you are away, I am
in your Heart, you said, that no matter how many miles and
nocturnal shores separate us.  You say that you will love me
despite hardships, that no matter what may come our way, your
Heart is mine.  As Autumn descends to Winter, let us hold each
other close, let us find each other in times beyond our past
memories.  The present is here, and the love we share holds
every possible future within the falling Autumn rain.


Shattered (A Conversation with the Prince of Fire)

I never thought I would bond
with a god over death, over getting
torn away from all we love.

Maybe we argue so much because we’re
both redheads, but then you showed me that
the snark and sarcasm hides innumerable pain.

And damn it, now I find that I actually feel like
I understand you.  We clash and we argue, but
there’s understanding to our verbal sparring now

that the mutual snark and glaring may be the glue
holding us both together.  We’re the same, you and I
both thrown into a time beyond our lives, torn back into it all

by choice of resurrection or by tarot cards slapping me with the truth.
I’m a universe away from my Beloveds, you came back after
a thousand years of death, and we are both so fucking angry.

We could burn the world down with our rage
(after all, we’re both associated with fire)
but you’re right…that’s probably a bad idea.

Silent is the Water (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for the week is Earth/Cave, Wilderness, Reclusive Gods or Spirits

For the Silent Prince

Slowly the last light of springtime fades,
Immortal, deathless Prince of Summer.
Linger in springtime’s steps, for your
Ending is soon to approach, Wandering god.
Never prayed to before your leaving, for only
Those from Eternity know your fate each Summer.
In debt to the very Land that has time and again
Sustained you in your darkest hours, you take up your
Trials in Sacrifice.  Distant Prince, draped in gold, your
History is entwined with the Land and with a Love that gives
Everything time and again.  The Underworld beckons, the
Wilderness swallows you, and the River is clear and still.
Anticipate not your next Sacrifice, Lord of Silence, but rather
Turn to Autumn and the beauty of Darkness.  There is still
Evening light to wander, from which the stars will shine.  From
Ruin life has come, and Darkness is ablaze with Light.

To Become a Monster, to Become a King

Here in the Valleys of Darkness I walk alone, My Crown in My hands (so much weight, so much Meaning.)  As I walk, I can sense the whispers of spells being done so far away.

To accept this change, this Transformation, is to be drawn deeper into Other worlds, to be drawn to where My Heart calls me.  I have accepted these People, these Monsters, after three years of hints and quiet devotion, after understanding why the twin monsters with green eyes call Me “Father,” why My wings are made of stone.

Slowly I step into Outer Darkness; all trees, purple skies, and forever Twilight.  I walk towards the Great Tree, and My Crown grows heavier in My hands.  This is not a Symbol now, it is Duty, Honor, and Love.

The Queen’s brother lowers his hands, his spells are finished now that I have made My Choice.  Our eyes meet and he nods; this is up to Me, to Become a Monster and bear the Crown, or cast it off and walk away.  (He will Love Me no matter what Choice I make.)  I nod and he smiles ever so slightly.

I turn to My Mother, who is standing beside an empty Throne.  She embraces Me tightly, and when I step back she nods to My Throne.

Take Your seat, young King.

The words of the Far Ones in My mind still make Me shiver even now, and I see My Family smile; they knew They would make an appearance, knew They approved of My Choice.

My Mother lifts My Crown from My hands when I sit, and places it on My head.

Light and Shadow envelopes Me, and My Family’s Love surrounds Me.

Sing the Stars to Sleep (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

The prompt for the week is Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

For the Far Ones; a reflection through Their eyes on the King of All Darkness.

Shining in the Void beyond the Heavens, between the
Innumerable Stars, You are both Terror and Beauty.
Nothing evades Your gaze; You saw the the twin of the
Goddess long before he fell into Your burning world.
Time would slowly trickle on, and he would become
History in living form; a young Prince fleeing from
Elsewhere who stumbled into a Crown he never
Saw coming, a Crown he never thought he’d own.
Time has slid onward, and through the years his
Assurance in his People has only multiplied.  His
Reign has been long, and it will be longer still.
Sanctuary he has provided for many, but not without
Turbulent effect on his own Heart.  He is never on the
Outside, never above his People; You have called him to this,
Shining Gods, and You have Chosen Your Sovereign well.
Life is the thing he holds dearest, Life, Free Will, and Love.
Ending the day in the hushed light of sunset, You Gods of
Eternity watch Your Sovereign’s Creation, a World of
Peace and Hope in which Your Children dwell.


In order to get my mind off worrying about the Otherworlds, I decided to work on some knitting and listen to Voltaire’s new album.  I invited J to listen with me, since he was around, and he had never heard Voltaire’s music before (and he now has a new favorite artist.)

While we were listening to the album, he said there were several songs that reminded him of me, or of our past life together.  He said that “Butterfly” especially reminded him of me, and of the relationship we’re building.

I am a butterfly in your hands
That’s where I chose to land
I lost my mind but who cares?
I don’t mind, I’m not scared
They are staring at us
Well let them fuss
I feel complete

Cause you and me
It’s an oath, to believe in love
Yes, you and me
It’s enough to believe in love
My dear, it’s all clear

I thought I had it all
Through spring and fall
A ghost parade and yet in
Those thousand years my fate
It was so late to meet your fate
Now we’re standing right here
The sky is clear, I have no fear

Cause you and me
It’s an oath, to believe in love
Yes, you and me
It’s enough to believe in love
My dear, it’s all clear

Cause you and me
It’s an oath, to believe in love
Yes, you and me
It’s enough to believe in love
My dear

Yes, you and me
It’s enough to believe in love
My dear, it’s all clear