Doing Spiritual Stuff When Your Life is Ass

“Therefore, sometimes the answer is simply giving ourselves the permission to step back and rest. We can’t always feasibly juggle life and spiritual shenanigans or at least not in ways that will satisfy us. Thus, sometimes we just need to tell the gods or spirits “I need to put this aside for now because I cannot give you the time and effort I want to or that you deserve with what is going on. This not farewell, only a goodbye for now while I get my shit together.” Contrary to the piety posse’s preaching, the gods generally do not insist on running us ragged into the dirt and appreciate us standing up for our health.”

This is my favorite part of the article, but the entire thing is worth reading.

Where Jotnar Tread

Most of us will encounter times in our spiritual path where mundane life is so overwhelmingly awful it interferes with the spiritual. This is different from fallow times where for one reason or another, the gods and/or spirits in your life step back and force you to take a time out (although the two can be connected or similar.) When your mundane life is – as the person who asked for this topic so eloquently put it – ass, it raises a whole host of obstacles to spiritual practices from lack of energy to even full-blown spiritual crises such as “why bother? what is the point of spirituality when my life is atrocious?” While the answers to dealing with these problems will ultimately be unique to the individual in question, there are some general things that help me that might be of use to others grappling with these obstacles.


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