Did You Think?

When you claimed
the “greater good”
did you think of
my stepson in tears?

Did you picture all my Beloved’s years
worth of trauma, rushing back to the surface,
did you think of years of medicine and therapy
and hard-won progress erased with your words?

Did you think of pain radiating through an entire Kingdom
forcing change so much faster than normal, did you consider–
that those of us who now guide Darkness must do so very carefully,
lest it all crack and crumble–did you think of a time of black cloaks?

Spare us your cards of regret–
is your white suit stained with the ashes
that you are trying to preserve, or is that
yet another lie born of stagnation and fear?

Godphone Notes: Reflections

“I know you can be worse than that.”

“Yes,” the Dreamer replies, “and I know you can be better.”

The Madman slowly begins to smile.  

This is how it works, them being each other’s Reflections.

The Madman may be a villain, a mirror for the Dreamer, holding up his worst traits and saying  “This how terrible you could possibly be.” 

But the Dreamer holds up his own mirror, one that says “This is who I know you to be, darling, this is who you can become.”

A Prayer to the Underworld Lord

Writing this down here for my own notes, and to keep a record.

King of the Singing Halls,
guard of the Past and
guide in the Present

you who have walked dark Roads
hold up your Lantern, be my guide
whether in support or healing.

King of Shattered Conscious,
teach me patience and love, and
may I still find softness in my Heart.

Growth (Devotional December)

Going forward into the future, leaving the
rotting floorboards of old foundations behind.
Once searching through the past, now watching
withered flowers as they crumble to use.  It is
time to grow beyond what once was, to see the
new heights that can be found within the stars.

Loyalty (Devotional December)

I got behind due to holiday travels.  I’m back now, and will catch up on this.

Loyalty is to the stars
over which you Reign,
you Prince of All Darkness.
Ascend above your Father’s Throne,
lay your path in shining lights
til your Home is made, Crowned in
your stars held together by frost.