How This All Started (Devotional December)

How did you become involved with your devotional topic?

I actually first found this god through research.  I think the Dreamer would have introduced us eventually, but the research that led me to his son was what prompted me to try and start including him in my devotional practice.

I don’t even remember now what prompted me to look up if [the Dreamer’s touchstone name] had any children, but I did a double take when I saw that yes, he had a child.  (The reason why I was so surprised was because I thought I had read everything there was about [the Dreamer’s touchstone name], and he hadn’t mentioned his son to me before.)

I first became aware that this deity was actually around when I noticed images of stars (something I associate him) showing up a lot, along with a faint feeling of a cold presence.  It was a feeling of someone being there, but being unsure of reaching out.  I did introduce myself eventually, simply lighting a candle and talking.

The Dreamer, who is normally at least somewhat involved when I start forming new deity relationships, stepped back when it came to this one.  (Now knowing what I do about my past life, I can understand why.)  He did ask that I acknowledge his son as being part of my Family, but other than that he left my relationship with his son completely up to me (which I’ll probably talk about in the next post.)


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