Lights of the Sea (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

[Finals month happened (my business class finals were especially intense), then some other intense things happened Over There that took away my writing energy, so I’ve had limited time to write.  Now that school is done for another semester, and things Over There are calming down, I’m finally getting back to this.]

The prompt is Water, Sea, Storm Gods or Spirits

For one of the Far Ones, who I affectionately refer to as Grandfather Sea.

Love is the thing Darkness is built on, the
integral spark present everywhere from the
grand depths of the Sea to the lows of the Valleys to the
heights of the Mountains of the Iron Hearted Realm.
That is why the Prince still runs every Summer as the
Springtime is fading, than none may forget what
once was in Ruins.  Life came from the Sea and the
final moments of Creation, and even now You watch
the Heavens as they drift within Your sight.  Still You
hold the vastness of the Universe, still You hold all of
Eternity in Your hands.  There is a time for this new
stillness, for the Kingdom of Darkness to pause, to rest, for the
earlier changes to settle in; there is also a time for movement
and You will hold the Stars close to You, and watch it all.


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