Musings on Hearts

How close does this make you, that you’ve bound your Hearts together?

A thought keeps going through my mind: that you are not the same person, not a syncretic god, not two facets of the same being, and yet…you’re so close, so deeply entwined with one another, that you may as well be.

I’ve written before that I’m the balance between the two of you, and I suppose that is true.  What if I don’t just provide balance, I provide space?  Someone you can love, that you can focus on, that doesn’t have a part in whatever magic you have done together.

I wrote many stories, all of them with the theme of Hearts being exchanged.  Each one, however, carried a warning, a clear message of “no.”  Each word I wrote said “this is not for you.”  Each story that could have involved the ritual ended before it happened, each ending said “you are mortal.”

Mortals cannot carry the true Hearts of gods, not without burning up–you don’t want me to burn, that’s a theme with you.  You both love me, desperately and dearly, but to be “on fire” is not something you want from me.

Is this part of the reason why you’ve stepped back?

How deep does you being each other’s Reflections go?

What does this mean for me–for us–now?


6 thoughts on “Musings on Hearts

  1. This post makes me think of how Semele was tricked into seeing Zeus’s true form, the form that He approached Hera with. She was incinerated and became an ever-burning fire. I don’t think they want that for you.

    It’s a pretty idea but dangerous in the long run, imo.

    otherwise though, exploring their reflections sounds super fun and beautiful!

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  2. Binding of hearts sounds eerily similar to something I’ve come across in my practice, almost like an alternative translation for the same concept. Forgive me if you’ve already explained this in a previous post — I have not yet had the opportunity to finish perusing your catalogue — but what does this mean in your life and work?

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    • I…am still figuring this out, actually.

      It’s something I had seen written about before, usually by people who are married to gods or who have some other very deep connection to gods, but that was within a different Pantheon (usually the Norse, though I’d seen it written about in ancient Egyptian contexts as well.)

      I work almost solely with *unrecorded* gods, and the binding/exchanging of Hearts isn’t a part of their wider culture (of the gods I work with.) While it *can* be done, it’s a very *rare* occurrence, and from what I know it’s a risky Ritual and it involves some very deep magic. Like I said in that post, any time I wrote a story involving it, it was a very clear “this is not for you” message.

      I will need to do more divination on what exactly this means in regards to these two *indicates his deity Beloveds* and my relationship(s) with them. I think knowing about it is going to help me *understand* their bond, why it’s like a million levels deep.

      I might write more about it, once I do that divination and have a better understanding of why that dream happened.


  3. That sounds like what the gods I work with call a soul bond, a rare kind of connection that requires perfect compatibility between disparate souls. No two are alike, and the particular effects on the souls in question are utterly fascinating. A soul bond is immensely personal, as it is basically a magickal “record” of a couple’s/triplicate’s/etc. entire interpersonal relationship given form. There’s a reason it’s often colloquially referred to as “sharing a soul.” There’s a special kind of commitment that goes into them, and the few I’ve seen up close are remarkable beyond generalization.
    I’ve heard a few of my contacts refer to “exchanging hearts,” as the heart is the most common thing exchanged in the sealing ceremony, and this is why your recounting sounded familiar to me. Although the literal exchanging of hearts isn’t strictly a necessity, as I know entities who have chosen to alter the ceremony for various personal or political reasons, almost every soul bond I’ve ever seen has a visible locus around the heart or vascular muscle where applicable (given variations in godform construction).
    They’re a little more common in elder gods, though of course the older the god the more unique the soul’s construction and the more the consequence of such a bond becomes utterly unpredictable. That’s what most people consider to be the greatest risk, though the individuals who actually harbor soul bonds have a very different opinion on this subject.
    Supposedly the only way to break a true soul bond is to truly desire the separation, making it both deceptively simple and extraordinarily difficult to achieve. There’s even an old children’s story from my patron’s homeland that recounts this, strangely enough. I work with lots of death gods, both recorded and unrecorded (and the “inaccurately recorded”), so examining souls is something I’ve found myself doing more frequently as time goes on.
    TL;DR Drop me a line if you want to compare notes, I think we could help each other out.

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    • “a rare kind of connection that requires perfect compatibility between disparate souls.”

      That is *exactly* the kind of bond that the Dreamer and the Madman have. They’re each other’s exact opposite, they *reflect* each other, for lack of a better word. This has given me more stuff to think about, thank you.


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