A Magician Stuck In The Desert

I saw the flash fiction challenge on Fractured Faith this morning, and thought it sounded like fun.

The summoning circle in the center of the desert was filled with diet Coke.  It was not, Jason thought, his proudest moment as a magician, but he had to work with what he had.  At least he had a reason to summon a monster from the Otherworlds; they knew how to teleport, and his car had run out of gas.

The sand in the center of the circle began to swirl, becoming a funnel which would call forth monsters to do his bidding.

Magic doesn’t fix everything.  The words filled Jason’s head, reverberating and multiplying as a vision of creatures made of shadows filled his mind.

“I just want a ride home,” Jason said.  “I’ve summoned you for less, great beasts of the netherworld, so why won’t you help me now?”

Buy more gas, was the reply, we’re supposed to teach you how to fix your life, not do the fixing for you.

Before Jason could offer the package of mints he had bought, the funnel collapsed into just a pile of sand, and he was alone again.

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