To Live Separate Lives

Turn to another day, torn in two
only by design of my soul, that split
life that could no longer balance
in keeping Here and There separate.
Veils across My eyes, yet My mind moved
ever towards Darkness, walking that labyrinth,
secrets unfolding around Me; learning of what
ever that part of Me holds, what He knows now is
pristine and private, only for His knowledge.
Ascend again, oh King of Nowhere, King of Rot and
Ruin; the Beasts dance for My ascension, and what is
a new way forward but that heavy Crown of iron flowers?
Time does not stand still, not Here or There, and to pause
even this separation from My mortal form is to deny the
life that My soul calls to.  Perhaps this separation was
inevitable, there is only so much a mortal man can take;
Varian, you did not see how your mind nearly cracked until
each evening brought prayers to make it to sunrise.  I am your
shadow There, now you must have faith and let Me live without you.

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