Hope and Light

Hope and Light is the future of Darkness.

As I talked about in another post, my practice has become much less about the gods and astral stuff, and more about the values that I’ve learned from Darkness.  Hope and Light–looking forward to the future, that there is a future, is one of those values.

It’s only now that I’m on medication for my mental health issues, and soon going back into therapy, that I can see myself having a future of any sort.  Before that, the future even two days from any point in time felt like a black hole of uncertainty.  It feels both wonderful and strange, to be able to look forward to anything, and not have upcoming time feel like a vague threat looming on the horizon.

2 thoughts on “Hope and Light

  1. Yeah. For the first time in years, this summer has been the first summer that has felt normal. I feel like my spirit partner, Queen Guinevere, is gently challenging me to look at my own longevity and what I want for the future.

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    • The long fallow time I went through helped me see just how much I *wasn’t* present in my life Here. It sucked at the time, but was needed.

      My Beloveds have been gently encouraging me to do things just because they make me happy. They all want me to have a life in *this* world, not be longing for the Otherworlds all the time.


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