5 thoughts on “Joy

    • He’s being very…cautious, might be the best way to put it, when it comes to helping me process things. We’ve been talking about how I grew up very isolated, and how that’s impacted me, and how that lead to me putting the Otherworlds above my life Here (plus some godspouse/spirit work circles *encourage* that.) Those conversations have been slow, though; I’ll draw a tarot card or two and we’ll discuss it, but nothing world-shattering.


  1. There’s something utterly beautiful about that statement. Mournful, certainly, but also beautiful. That he’s trying to take care of you even though it has to be through separation, it’s both heartening and heart-rending at once.

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    • I don’t see it as mournful; he’s made it clear that he’s still going to be part of my life, if I want him to be (and I do.) He’s simply saying that he wants me to have a life Here that’s not spent longing for the Otherworlds all the time.

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      • Ah, so it is, and I’m glad you see it that way. Do not take my observation too seriously; I can be more literary than practical in these cases. I suppose I imagined it like the conversations Z and I sometimes have on the subject, which almost always go to a mournful place. To encourage someone to desire the separation that betters only what it mars… It’s a pleasant kind of aching, though the admission of it causes more grief than the practice.
        I’m glad you’re both in the black on it. Your work is brilliant, by the way. Avanti, traveler.

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