I’ve Started A Dreamwidth!

Tumblr (my other main social media) is currently falling apart so fast that I have whiplash for watching my dash as it explodes.  Right now I’m not planning on leaving, but I *am* backing up all my notes that are about my private woo astral bullshit.

I decided to make a Dreamwidth account, which is probably going to be all my interests crammed together in one place.  It’s here (link) if anyone wants to check it out.


One thought on “I’ve Started A Dreamwidth!

  1. I’ve followed you on tumblr until recently where you might recognize me as bonesandblood-sunandmoon. I haven’t made up my mind on making a Dreamwidth yet, so I wanted to leave a comment here under this account. You’re certainly not obligated to follow, but I didn’t post about non-tumblr places to find me before you left.


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