Requiems (Devotional December)

I’ve been a Virgin Black fan for years, since I was in high school.  Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to google if there was any news about the album Requiem: Pianissimo.  I learned the album had come out in late November, and after yelling “it’s out, I can’t believe it” so loudly that my aunt in the living room heard me (I was shocked that it was out, and ecstatic that it had finally been released) I quickly bought a copy of the album.

It’s going to go on the Underworld Lord’s playlist, and I hope that sometime we can listen to the album together.  (I showed it to Jake, and he said it was “too morbid” for him, though he did admire how the music is put together.)

On Monsters and Family (Devotional December)

I don’t talk about the spirits I call the Beasts of Outer Darkness very much in public.  They’re a group of monster spirits who live in Outer Darkness, and are deeply loyal to their Queen.  The majority of my work with/devotion involving them takes place in the Otherworlds, though I do interact with them Here, especially the children.

What I’ve learned from them over the years has been a lot about asking for help when I need it, and even more about Love and Family (including that I may want to be a father someday Here.)  The Beasts are much wilder than any other spirits I deal with, but in their own way, they’re Family to me, and I love them.

Echoes (Devotional December)

Their lives have long passed
still they haunt these woods,
draped in black and veils of lace.

The Queen’s Guard watches all,
the Beasts run free, and Outer Darkness
is home to many, to those too monstrous

to call the cities Home;
yet still, they are loved
by the King.

Let It Shine (Devotional December)

Since it’s the 9th of the month, which is the King of All Darkness’s day, I though I’d post a song that reminds me of him, rather than writing a poem.  This might be the next song I learn on guitar, since I’ve been listening to a lot of Southern Gothic style country lately.

I’ve got a little darkness in my heart
I know one day the world will fall apart
But until it falls to pieces and there’s fire in the sky

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I’ve got a little darkness in my soul
No Jesus, pills, or whisky fills the hole
I’ll light another fire so the world will burn all night

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I want to shine like the moon at night
I’ll be a million candles
That guide your weary footsteps
And keep you safe from harm
And if my light should falter
You’ll bury me in the ground
And guide me through the darkness
Till death it comes around

There’s a darkness on the broken side of town
At midnight when the devils come around
I’ll light us both a fire and I’ll take us through the night

I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine, shine, shine
I’m gonna take my heart and let it shine

I want to shine like the moon at night
I’ll be a million candles
That guide your weary footsteps
And keep you safe from harm
And if my light should falter
You’ll bury me in the ground
And guide me through the darkness
Till death it comes around

Finding Joy (Devotional December)

I’ve come to the conclusion that Souls-like games (games that are similar in difficult mechanics and somber tone to Dark Souls) aren’t for me.  It’s not just the sheer difficulty of these games, but the bleak, depressing, storylines as well.

I used to be really into dark, depressing, fiction and media.  Looking back, I can see not only how my tastes have changed, but also my attitudes towards life have changed.  I’m happier, more optimistic, now, and I have my gods, spirits, and Beloveds from Darkness to thank at least in part for that.

I’ve Started A Dreamwidth!

Tumblr (my other main social media) is currently falling apart so fast that I have whiplash for watching my dash as it explodes.  Right now I’m not planning on leaving, but I *am* backing up all my notes that are about my private woo astral bullshit.

I decided to make a Dreamwidth account, which is probably going to be all my interests crammed together in one place.  It’s here (link) if anyone wants to check it out.

Separation (Devotional December)

All around me I see death; all paths seem to end there, all dreams seem to be shattered, to be labeled A Sacrifice, For Your Own Good.

I wonder if I am the only one whose gods abhor meaningless sacrifice, if the violent language that “devotion” is spoken about in is nothing but an echo chamber gone horribly wrong.

I wonder about the vortex of the Otherworlds that I have lost friends to, how easy it once was for me to slip away to the Otherworlds, and how now I am precariously clinging to my sanity, and trying to rebuild a life Here.  My Beloveds and Queen have cut the threads that bound my Other Self and I together, for both of us, and we have found that we are happier apart.

For the King (Devotional December)

You do not ask for sacrifices,
for bent knee and pretty words,
for hallways covered in molten gold.

You ask that I live, that I love
that I find beauty in my life Here,
and gentleness for my own Heart.

You are the Light in Darkness
guiding your People with Grace
and Love beyond comprehension.

Lanterns (Devotional December)

I was asked on Tumblr about why lanterns are so Important in Darkness, and I thought it was time to put that answer here on WordPress as well.

The main significance that lanterns have is someone being able to light their own way on the path in front of them, being able to hold and carry their own light.  Lanterns are often powered by candles, and that candle flame and light can be shared and passed around, with the original flame never diminishing.

There’s actually a Darkness-wide tradition around light from lanterns being passed around, which is often done through families, communities, or groups of friends (though communities and Realms within Darkness will have their own variation to this.)

“To share your light/to share light with [person]” is a phrase that basically means “this person is Very Important to me” (being translated to English it loses some nuance.)  While more traditional people will still use candles powered by fire, the younger generation uses electric lights or electric candles.  The Underworld Lord has also invented a type of candle for this purpose that works for the blind and visually impaired (if they aren’t comfortable around fire, or if they can’t see the lights) as well.

White lanterns have religious significance, and that’s all I know (other than that I am Not Allowed to use one.)  They’re found in temples, though they’re seen in public around the times when the Wild Hunt is riding through a particular area, and they can only be handled by priests due to the sheer level of Significance they hold.  Theses lanterns are also lit with an iridescent light, rather than ordinary fire.

The lanterns are about being able to literally light your own path–not just in religious terms, but in life in general.  Light/Darkness is a dichotomy that’s very Present on my path, especially with “Darkness” being a very rough translation of the Realm’s name, and “Light in Darkness” is a very common play on words in my path.

I have a lantern that I keep on my shrine to Darkness; the way my shrine is set up now, my lantern is right next to the pill box I keep my psyche medication in.  (The pill box is has become part of my shrine–I first put it there so I’d see it every morning, but it’s Part of The Shrine Now, and Not To Be Removed.)  In that case, the lantern being next to the box with my medication symbolizes that my medicine is shedding light on my mental illness, and on my “mundane” life Here.

I have a prayer (okay, it’s a poem from a science fiction book) that I say when I light the lantern; it’s about Light and Darkness being two sides of the same coin, in a sense.  My lantern (and the electric candle I use) is literally shedding light in dark surroundings, and it’s a reminder that I can choose my own path in life, even if that path is a different one than someone else may take.