Sensing the Otherworlds (Devotional December)

One disadvantage of deleting my Tumblr blogs, is that I no longer have my dashomancy system.  Since then, my Beloveds, and Others, have been using music to get my attention–thanks to Jake, last night I have two verses of “Michael, Row The Boat Ashore” playing in my head in a loop (Jake uses either hymns, symphonic black metal, or pop music to let me know he’s around.)

I do have the ability to “see” gods and spirits, but it’s more like a very strong mental image of them, along with a feeling of a presence near me.  If Jake is around, I’ll often feel his wings wrapped around my shoulders if he’s sitting next to me.  Sometimes my sense of “sight” is stronger than other times, so I often rely of the energetic presence that I can feel near me, rather than my sense of “sight.”

I used to travel to the Otherworlds in my dreams fairly often, but since I’ve gotten on Seroquel my dreams have gone absolutely crazy with random stuff that makes no sense, so no more Otherworld dream travel for me.  When I have spent time Over There (while awake Here) it’s been through writing, which also helps because I can look over my notes, and easily reference earlier conversations if I need to.


I Finished the Shawl!

A little under two months ago, I posted about a new knitting project (link) that I had begun.  Due to having a bad headache yesterday because of the weather changing, I spent a lot of the afternoon knitting, since that was the only thing I had energy to do.  I was already on the border of the shawl, but after knitting four rows, it started feeling like it was done.  I knit one more row, bound it off (which took *forever*) then wove in the ends that I had left to weave in.

The finished shawl, on my bed.

I didn’t know how big the shawl was until I began binding it off–as seen in the picture, it nearly covers my bed.  I could wear it around my shoulders even if it was folded in half, but that would be really warm.

I used two and a half balls of the black-with-ribbon yarn, and I have plenty of the turquoise, yellow, and purple yarn left over.  All of the yarn is a wool/acrylic blend, and I used size 11 needles to knit this.  It’s knit from the top down, with increases every other row.  I flew through the first half of the shawl, but by the end each row would take at least an hour to knit, so at the end it did get tedious.  Overall, it was an easy knit, it’s mostly garter/knit stitch, with increases every other row, and changing yarn on the striped sections.

The Stratus Wrap (link) is the pattern I used, though in much brighter colors than the pattern calls for.  I also modified how I used the colors, switching out which colors were used in the solid sections, and adding another solid colored section before the border.  I’m really happy with how this turned out, and I can see myself making another one of these in the future.

Requiems (Devotional December)

I’ve been a Virgin Black fan for years, since I was in high school.  Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to google if there was any news about the album Requiem: Pianissimo.  I learned the album had come out in late November, and after yelling “it’s out, I can’t believe it” so loudly that my aunt in the living room heard me (I was shocked that it was out, and ecstatic that it had finally been released) I quickly bought a copy of the album.

It’s going to go on the Underworld Lord’s playlist, and I hope that sometime we can listen to the album together.  (I showed it to Jake, and he said it was “too morbid” for him, though he did admire how the music is put together.)

On Monsters and Family (Devotional December)

I don’t talk about the spirits I call the Beasts of Outer Darkness very much in public.  They’re a group of monster spirits who live in Outer Darkness, and are deeply loyal to their Queen.  The majority of my work with/devotion involving them takes place in the Otherworlds, though I do interact with them Here, especially the children.

What I’ve learned from them over the years has been a lot about asking for help when I need it, and even more about Love and Family (including that I may want to be a father someday Here.)  The Beasts are much wilder than any other spirits I deal with, but in their own way, they’re Family to me, and I love them.

Echoes (Devotional December)

Their lives have long passed
still they haunt these woods,
draped in black and veils of lace.

The Queen’s Guard watches all,
the Beasts run free, and Outer Darkness
is home to many, to those too monstrous

to call the cities Home;
yet still, they are loved
by the King.