A Rhetorical Question

One thing I would like to know: how do spirits from other realms–who have never lived Here–know about music/books/TV shows/other media that’s from Here???

(This question brought by Jake’s older brother being a fan of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, despite him living in a completely different Realm.  Also Jake knowing all the pop music from Here, and Trev being into science fiction and Christian rock.)


3 thoughts on “A Rhetorical Question

  1. 1. Someone told them. Happens more often than you’d think. Intrusive broads like me are always running their mouths to some esoteric entity or another, to some interesting effects.
    2. Someone accidentally told them. Lots of ways this can happen. Minds are messy, things get shared. Plus, some gods/spirits actively exploit the messiness. Certain Norse-types have been known to favor this technique. Additionally, the intentional contacting of spirits can end up revealing more information than one supposes, including some cultural details that can be lifted right from the minds of the participants (humans can, of course, reverse this process with ease; the results are often enlightening).
    3. Demonstrative scrying. Sometimes spirits hear about something one way or another and, in an effort to find out more, they sift through mental viscera of the universe to fill in the blanks. It can be a little more challenging than it sounds, but what with the way this already is used effectively to create mental bridges for communication, most are already familiar enough with the techniques.
    4. Memory harvesting. Not as scary as it sounds. Think of it like esoteric crowd-sourcing, only it’s of the more anthropological variety. There are a surprising number of entities who have dedicated large swaths of their time to the preservation of mortal knowledges. Afterlife realms in particular have a preference for these industries, as knowledge preservation is hugely influential to their cultures. Dreams can also provide harvest-points, as can the activities of gods and the esoterically inclined.
    5. Gods. All and sundry of the above can come into play with this. Gods are particularly good at autonomic reception, and their demonstrative connections give them a wider range for scrying techniques. Their aspects can also become tied to certain strongly-recognized cultural archetypes, leading to some interesting side effects when the passionate accidentally contact them unawares. With regards to media in specific, I know of one god in particular who often aspects himself to resemble certain media archetypes in order to acquire more information about them. I know another who makes it is business to track mortal scientific endeavors, and another who’s particularly passionate about languages.
    I know you said the question was rhetorical, so it probably didn’t warrant an explanation. But thought at least I might supply you with an answer, in case you wanted to know.

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    • That’s interesting, thanks!

      I’ve asked my Beloveds if there’s a music-from-Earth radio station in the Otherworlds, they just grin and say that they’ll let it remain a mystery.


      • Hah, that’s always the best response though! A mystery is always so much more delightful than a straight answer. Besides, is allows you the satisfaction of gaining an insight you’ve derived from your own hard work and research.
        Oh also, did you know that some spirits have set up semi-illicit bars in parts of major cities?? Found this out a while ago. So maybe there IS a market for Earth-to-mind radio stations after all!

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