Platonic “I Love You”s, and Other Blessings (Carnival of Aces)

This month’s topic is “Asexuality as a Blessing.” [link]

As an asexual (and demi-biromantic) person, I don’t feel like the words “I love you” are restricted to romantic relationships.  I feel free to tell my friends that I love them, and I don’t feel pressured that they’d take those words as being a romantic gesture.

Being asexual can be difficult to describe–I’m sex-repulsed, and I get easily embarrassed when it comes to sex scenes in movies (sometimes I joke that I’m a walking asexual stereotype) but my asexuality has also brought a great deal of freedom to my life.  I don’t feel pressured to be in a relationship, when it looks from the outside like many people are obsessed with wanting to find “the one” person that completes them.

I don’t see love as something that’s restricted to just romantic relationships, I see platonic relationships as mattering just as much to me as my romantic relationships do.  Deep friendship and companionship can be just as intense for me as romantic love can, perhaps even more.  I’m comfortable with my relationships with my Beloveds flowing between romantic love and deep friendship.

Being asexual has brought a variety of blessings to my life, some of which are difficult to put into words easily.  It’s made me more comfortable with who I am, and has brought my closer to my loved ones.  I’m very happy to be asexual, and wouldn’t want to be any other way.

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