WIP Wednesday, Every Shade of Blue

A few years ago, I knit a shawl for the Dreamer [link] though I didn’t show off the finished project.  I completed the shawl a few months after I began it, and I’ve had five small balls of yarn sitting in my knitting bag ever since.


I recently (finally) learned how to do ribbed stitch, after several attempts while being unable to recognize the patterns and how they work.  Learning to read my knitting, which stitches are knits, purls, and increases/decreases, has seriously helped me advance in this hobby.  (Maybe some time I’ll write about the lace shawl that’s currently in hibernation mode, because lace+fingering weight yarn+legal blindness=not a good mix.)

So far I’ve used the leftover light blue yarn, and have moved to the next two shades of blue.  Yes, those are two different shades, though they’re very close together, the shawl had the same problem when knitting it.  (I think the yarns looked more different in the store’s lighting than under natural light, and the light in my living room.)

It’s being knit on size 11 circular needles, and I think the yarn is sport weight.  The ribbed stitch is 3×3, and there’s 27 stitches per row.  So far it’s a simple project, provided that the yarn doesn’t get tangled, and I think it’ll be a nice thing to wear for my Beloved when I can’t wear the shawl.

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