WIP Wednesday, Gemstone Scarf

This piece gets its name from a friend of mine saying the green yarn reminded him of labradorite, and the blue yarn makes me think of larimar.  This yarn was originally going to be this shawl [link] but I ended up hating the lace work, so I took it apart.


The pattern that I’m using is Occam [link], with green being the main color, and blue for the contrasting color.  So far it’s a relatively easy knit, though I had to re-learn how to increase due to the holes my increases were leaving.

I have made progress on the Dreamer’s scarf [link] but it’s not much to show off, since I had to rip back several rows after I dropped a stitch on the edge, didn’t realize it until several rows later, and then had knitted over the edge so I couldn’t fix it by picking the stitches up.  Right now I’m maybe a row or two beyond where I had been, but it’s still an easy, relatively mindless project.

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