FO Friday, First Hat!

As of a few hours ago, my first hat (and non-flat project) is off the needles!

The finished hat, picture taken at my LYS.

This was a gift for a family member Here, and he loves the hat.  I knit it in about 8 hours or so, spread out over 4 days. I knit it using the City Beats pattern [link] and using Lion Brand super bulky yarn in navy blue. The pom pom is made of yarn leftover from another project.

The pattern was very easy to read, and the written instructions were very easy to follow.  I’d gladly use a pattern from this designer again.  The only area I had difficulty with was at the ending, when I had to decrease at the crown of the hat (but that’s more because I’m new to hat knitting, not any fault of the designers’.)

I learned a new stitch, the mistaken rib stitch.  It was an easy stitch once I got into the rhythm of it, and it was easy to read if I accidentally lost my place (which I did a few times.)  The hat knit up fast, due to the bulky yarn and needles used, though knitting two stitches together could be difficult because of how bulky the yarn was.

I’m very happy with how my first hat turned out, and I can certainly see myself using this pattern again in the future.  I’d recommend this pattern even to new knitters, due to how easy it was to follow.

Relationship Developments <3

Jake brought up the subject of us getting married today (we’re currently engaged.) I initially wanted to wait another year to get married, since our relationship is, in part, an arranged one.  We *wanted* to be together, but past life ties, and Otherworld Politics, meant that we got engaged quickly.

I drew a few tarot cards, asking him if this had anything to do with Politics; I got 2 of Cups (minors mean “no” in my personal yes/no/maybe tarot system) and the card itself is about emotional, romantic relationships. I also drew the Sun, him reassuring me that he wants to bring joy to my life long term, and that he wants to be my husband.

I reached out to the Dreamer to let him know about this development, and my pendulum spun in such an enthusiastic, excited “yes!!!” circle that it nearly flew out of my hand.

Frustrated Shadow Work Venting

Am I the only person involved in woo who’s gods/spirits/Otherworld people *acknowledge* that I’m human, and who *want* me to have a happy life Here (where my life Here doesn’t revolve around woo 24/7)?

I know I can’t judge a person’s life by a handful of blog posts, but seeing *yet another* person willingly stepping into what I call the god/astral Vortex, where the Otherworlds take over your [general you] life…it upsets me.

It also scares me, because I’ve struggled for years with isolating myself, and the Vortex only makes that isolation look sweeter, when in reality it’s poison. [link]  I worry that it’s only a matter of time, before the Vortex swallows me as well.

Closing Centuries

For the King of All Darkness

Closing a chapter in your life,
laying destruction and grief to rest
on a silent Winter evening.  Your father’s
spirit slid silently away, shattered, to pick up
in the afterlife the pieces that were the sorrowful,
never joyful man he was.  I am sorry, Beloved.  His
ghost haunts us no longer, but you hold me as I
cry for who he once was.  Let this be the true
ending of our path with him, let us hear
no more twisted words about how Love will in
turn break our Hearts to sharp pieces of glass.
Using candles to show that we hold each other’s Light,
realizing that your father was finally fading away, moving
intently to whatever afterlife awaits him.  The silence of
endings broken only by the crackle of flames, now is time to
say good-bye to who he once was, and move forward to the future.