Closing Centuries

For the King of All Darkness

Closing a chapter in your life,
laying destruction and grief to rest
on a silent Winter evening.  Your father’s
spirit slid silently away, shattered, to pick up
in the afterlife the pieces that were the sorrowful,
never joyful man he was.  I am sorry, Beloved.  His
ghost haunts us no longer, but you hold me as I
cry for who he once was.  Let this be the true
ending of our path with him, let us hear
no more twisted words about how Love will in
turn break our Hearts to sharp pieces of glass.
Using candles to show that we hold each other’s Light,
realizing that your father was finally fading away, moving
intently to whatever afterlife awaits him.  The silence of
endings broken only by the crackle of flames, now is time to
say good-bye to who he once was, and move forward to the future.


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